Hear Ye Hear Ye The King Still Lives!!

Despite all attempts Our Monarch Lives!!
Much apologies for the lack of edicts of late, but an attempt on Our Beloved Ruler’s life was made recently!

Whilst entering into the treasury room of the castle, I entangled my foot with a floor runner which lifted it up and proceeded to ensnare the other foot. (Blast the feeble minded keep cleaners for leaving the ensnarement. They must have been in cahoots with the assassins!)

Once entangled, I was left with no way to maintain my regal upright stature and therefore began a forward/downward kerplunk, although, I did maintain my poise and dignity in the process, yeah right!! As I crashed down, I slammed one knee into the window wall and then onto the tile floor, slammed the other knee into the wall and twisted both ankles and left toes rather heinously. At the same time I slammed down on my arm and inflicted a blackness to my eye. I must say, I gave that wall a dent, and the rug a rather harsh and stern scolding, unfortunately it retained it’s rather flipped attitude!

So after numerous X-rays, MRI’s, ace bandages and cold packs, I still am suffering the indignities of wearing slippers upon the royal tootsies, normal boots do not fit over the swelling.
Soon the physical therapies will commence on the royal appendages and recovery begins!

So TONIGHT’S EDICT is “C Sharp thine surroundings Lest ye B flat”!!

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  1. Momma says:

    Oh how clever of words Your Highness is! It made me giggle but my concern for your pain did not vanish. Please to take precautions to advance thy healing for a Monarch standing up is worth two on the floor!

    5/15/2006 12:10:22 AM

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