Yeah To Thee Queen Mother!

Thine Day Hath Come!

Tis the day that thou shalt hold thy Mothers in grand esteem.
In this keep my Queen shall be revered by all who dwell in and around the realm!
So it is decreed under punishment of banishing!! ( Or the stocks with jesters launching whipping cream pies at the perpetrator’s faces, much more the merrier!)

The festivities of the day shall be as follows:

  • Resting
  • Lounging
  • Being Served and waited upon, (a normality whence there are young ones about! HEH HEH HEH)
  • Feasting
  • More Lounging
  • More Resting

That should keep the spirits of the fair Queen at highest levels!

The Feast shall be as follows:

  • Squab with sauce de BBQ (aka BBQ Grilled Chicken)
  • Pomme De Terre salade mashez (aka Mashed Potato Salad)
  • Les Aspargas Grillez avec le sauce du lime y bur ( aka Grilled asparagus in lime and butter)
  • Salad des cucumbur (aka Italian cucumber salad in oil and vinegar)
  • Pour Dessert Les cakes du verz (aka cupcakes)

A hearty feast fit for a Queen!!

So Today’s Royal Edict: Treat Thine Mothers with the utmost joy, relish her to heights yet unknown for one day when you are one of the aged and gray, you will heap regrets upon thy self for the times you did not let her know that if it were not for her love, caring, guidance and support you would not have made it to where you are now. After All SHE is and always will be your Biggest Fan!!



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One Response to “Yeah To Thee Queen Mother!”

  1. Momma says:

    Ah truly a day fit for a Queen! (And it seems His Majesty is basking in the attention also?) Tis sweet when the offspring of royalty don the cloaks of adoration to make their Mother happy.

    5/15/2006 12:15:49 AM

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