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Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

What better way to revive one’s literations but to quill upon the Birthday of OUR Great NATION!

SO with naught the bangs, booms, screeches and flashes we dost celebrate the day of Independence of OUR country. The only bangs are those of the keys upon the board of typing as these tired old fingers click away. The only booms are those of the pots and pans as meals are created to feed the masses. The screeches are those naught of rockets streaking through the sky, but of the youngins as they run and play in the beautiful sunny summers day. And alas the only flashes seem to be “Hot Flashes” that this old body is having from the volumous amounts of medication being taken to keep it functioning. However, let us not dwell on the gloom, but rejoice for the freedoms that we are afforded by the loss and sufferings of our forefathers as they struggled and fought to make a land free for us ALL to live in happiness!
Keep in mind that this day is a special day for all Americans. One that should be spent giving thanks to the spirits of our ancestors.

Today’s Edict: Think not of thy self, but of thy fellow Americans, for if Our forefathers thought as such, we would be Hailing to the Queen and not asking God to Bless America as we sing the Star Spangled Banner! And if you can’t accept us and Our country as the way we were established and fought over to have our freedom, Then FIND a Rocket and we surely we’ll have it red glare as it carries you back to where you belong!!