Yet Another Convert!!


Yup that is correct! Recently Our doctor decided to attend a medical conference in the LOVELY, and SOON TO BE OUR NEW HOME, State of Michigan. She went with dual purpose, to attend the conference and also for her son to go on a college tour of U of M. Well as her son and husband went off to Ann Arbor to check out U of M, she attended her conference. Being alone and a woman in a state that she had never been to, she was worried as to how it would be. Ha I say, this is Michigan NOT New York!! What she would soon find out was that MI is a place of spirituality, courtesy and out right nicety!

People were polite to her, friendly and actually neighborly. Before she knew what was happening people were talking to her and making her feel right at home, as if she had lived there her whole life. Once she was comfortable with the people she began to relax a bit and could soak in some of the beauty that Michigan has to offer. Yes, being a doctor and all her visit was primarily limited to richy areas, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield Hills,Grosse Ile, Rochester..etc.

Ah yes!! Get them out of their natural habitat and into the beauty and personality of Michigan and yup they are hooked!! wink

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