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Happy Gobbler’s Day!

Friday, November 24th, 2006

Yup it is that day again.  Time to stuff not only the bird , but to stuff yourselves as well!  As is true to form the Queen and myself did stuff our 21 pounder, however, we did well this time and did not gluttonize at dinner.  Now sandwiches a few hours afterwards was a different story!!  Well you can’t blame us for that, we had sooo many other items to eat that the turkey kind of took a back plate to it all.
I must say that it was a rather nice day this year.  We shared it with the Queen’s father and his sister-in-law, as well as with the HS Princess and the College Princess!  It turned out well and the Queen’s pappy was happy he had the chance to see the two Princesses this year!!
All went off well and without a hitch!
So Here’s to wishing all of you a Happy, Healthy and Memorable Thanksgiving to you all!  smile

Oh to Find the Ever Elusive Sandman!!

Sunday, November 19th, 2006

Well here I sit in the wee hours of the am trying to figure out what to do for that all invasive “Thief of Dreams” hath returneth!! Yup another night of that lackluster thing called insomnia striketh again. Try as I might I just couldn’t fall asleep. I lay there as a foot warmer for the Queen, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind at all as I am always very warm at night and the coolness of her dainty feet is very soothing! Alas that didn’t work to bring on the sleepies. What to do, what to do. Tic Toc Tic Toc. Time just whizzes by and yet still no sleep. One sheep, two sheep, three…,
SO after about 1,000 sheep launching themselves at me I gave up. I lay there a bit longer then looked at the clock. Ouch it was going on 5:30 am and not a wink. So the decision is made not to disturb the Queen and it is off to the Royal couch. Well first its to the Royal Puppy Pen to let them outside so as not to start barking. Then it is wait for them to finish to come back inside, then to the Royal Fridge to get some lemonade, ah sweet nectar of the Gods!! Then give the Royal Pups a treat, then decision to sit at the computer. After a bit of email catching up and mailbox cleaning I hear the Little Miss Princess rise so I decide to stay at the computer and hack my way through this Royal scribbling. Needless to say come 1 or 2 in the pm I’ll promptly partake of a Royal Snooze-ola!

I can only hope that all of you, my Royal Subjects have been able to Part-tay with Mr. Sandman as he hath not cometh my way!!


Vote For Me.. . NO ME…

Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Okay Okay I’m a bit late on this topic, but I have to write it. Don’t you feel like all you see prior to election days are smear campaigns? Seldom do you see the facts and platforms that campaigners are running on. How do you make an informed decision? My Queen and I sat and reviewed everything we could find on the candidates. Of course that doesn’t happen until the twelfth hour, when the newspaper decides to print an excerpt /pullout on who is who and what they are for, (to some extents). So we sat and read and weighed the pros and cons of each until we decided on whom the worst with the least damage would be. So off we go with our cheat sheets telling us who to vote for only to find that we had the wrong district and weren’t informed of the 2 additional propositions that we had to vote on!! So we take our best guesses and off we go. So we sit and wait to see the outcomes. Tick Tock Tick Tock… Finally the polls close and we start to see the winners. Well Of Course ALMOST NONE of the ones we voted for were elected!! ARGH!!! Oh the pain and agony of another term of Hillary in NY!!! Alas they say she will most assuredly drop out part way through her term to run for President of the US!! AAGH @#$@%@^@ NO PLEASE LORD NO!! It will be the end of free will and Medical Choice if “Medusa” Clinton is in office!!!! All I can say is what is this country becoming!!

Sometimes You Just Gotta Say…

Saturday, November 11th, 2006

Ever have one of those days? You know, the kind that seems to last forever even though you wish it was already over!
A day that starts great but it was just a joke cause it goes down hill real fast from there. Over sleep, but that’s okay cause you’ll make it up on the road to your doctor appointment. So you jump in the van speed like a demon cutting in and out through traffic, trying to avoid all those jerks that decide they need to be ahead of you on the highway, but then slow to a crawl when they pullout!! Then with the grace of God you get to the doctor’s office only to find out that they’re running an hour and a half behind schedule!! Oh lucky Me!! SO you sit and wait and as 2 hours roll around and you know you have another appointment about 30 miles away, but you haven’t eaten at all cause the Dr was going to do blood work on you that required fasting!! Ah the dilemma—- go home grab a bite and then go to the appointment that will then be a bout 40 miles away, or wait a bit longer in the Doctor’s office hoping she’ll catch up and take you in? So after rescheduling, racing home for a bite to eat and then using the facilities it is back in the vehicle and on the road again. NOW it starts to rain. Not an ordinary rain, but a horrible torrential down-pouring!! Flooding, high winds and driving rain in sheet form!! SO off we go following the directions that we received from the secretary in the office we are heading to, which of course take you over hill and dale through God’s winding but beautiful countryside, if it was sunny it would be great. Out comes the cell phone to make the all familiar, I’m sorry but I am delayed due to the inclement weather, I’ll be there shortly please accept my apologies. SO you finally get there, have your meeting, feel like you’ve accomplished not a dang thing and off you go back into the car and into now the start of rush hour traffic!! Hooray for us!!  Finally we get home and are totally exhausted, its only 4:30, and are confronted with I’m hungry What’s for Dinner!! AHHHHH I say!!! “PLEASE, IF ONLY CALGON COULD TAKE ME AWAY!! shock

Hi Dad I Love You, Now Give Me Some Money!

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

Ah Kids Ya Gotta Love ‘Em!!

Yep the joy of your life, the major cause of Gray Hair and a great source of love and affection! Or so they tell you!!! Don’t get me wrong I love my girls immensely and would do or give them anything in my power. However, no one said that they come with strings attached!! wink They may be hugging you and showing affection, but in reality they are just buttering you up to fleece you out of your last hard earned pennies!! OK I may sound bitter here, and I probably have two of the greatest kids in the world, they aren’t into drugs, don’t smoke and aren’t slutty or anything like that, they just need to learn the value of a dollar and that the fountain of parent’s can run dry!! OK in my day you take the SAT once and be happy with anything over 1000. Today if you don’t think that your score is high enough you just take it again. Take college courses take the AP and have to pay for the scores on the APs to count in college, but your college may not take the grades. Then if you want the course to count as a college credits you have to register in the local college and pay the credit costs. Argh!! Money after money after money!!! So you fork over the bucks and think that is that. Nope now they have their license and want a car. “Don’t worry Dad I’ll pay you back and I’ll pay for the increase in insurance”. grin So you get suckered in and there goes more bucks to the “kiddie”. Then one thing leads to another and she is off at school and her friends, who have two working parents, don’t have to work or pay for anything so they think that they shouldn’t have to either. Then the payments stop arriving, questions lead to frustration and oh I only work 14 hours every two weeks so I can’t pay you anything. But you find out off they go o a vacation in Canada – hotel, food, gas and fun all requiring money that she says, “I don’t have any” of. SO you do with out again and again. Then she enrolls to go off to study in England, again needing lots of $$$$ to survive there. Hmm who is getting the short end of the stick? Well who knows. I guess they say they are only young once and it is their college years, they’ll have to work hard when they graduate. Yea right. They’ll move back home and there goes the neighborhood and bucks right out the window!!

All I can say is Ya Gotta Love Em!!! Yup, I wouldn’t trade them for anything!!! smile

Happy Hauntings!!

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

Ah yes the night after the Scary Festival of Tricks and Treats!! vampire

All the fun of Halloween has come and gone. The kiddies in their costumes, the bowls full of candy, pumpkins full of seeds just waiting to be gutted and decorations festooned on neighbors’ lawns. Yes that was the scene up until yesterday afternoon around 10 minutes to 4 pm. The the screaming memes, princesses, bums, witches, devils monkeys and even super heroes lined the streets All in search of treats and attempting to avoid the tricks of the day! In an effort to keep with the occasion we too gutted and dressed our pumpkin in a scary motif, and even had costumes for the canines, but alas forgot to adorn them in their garbs!! At least we did remember to photograph them when we got them, so here they are all dressed in their Halloween Best!!

Ha psyche! I bet you thought that they would be all dressed up in some funky looking costumes that only the rich and wealthy that have the bucks to throw away would make their canine buddies wear!!

As the day transformed to night and the darkness settled in it was apparent that the elder tricksters were out and about. This was evidenced by the increase in costumes covered in Barbasol and other brands of shaving creams!! Soon the streets were slick with foam from the intermittent scuffles with the lather. Further glances up the road one could see streams of silly string and waves of good old TP swaying in the branches of the neighborhood trees!! Fortunate for us I guess my scary guardian at the front door protected our abode from those mischievous hooligans as we did not suffer the TPing, egging or shaving cream attacks!!

And so marks the end to another Halloween, and perhaps our last at this our humble NY dwelling! confused