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Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

EEK! It is arriving too soon! I’m not ready yet! It can’t be only 5 days away!! Where did the time go?

All the hustle and bustle,
the presents to get and gifts to find.
Oh no now look I’m in a bind!
The checkbook is empty and the money all gone.
At this rate the creditors will be calling before long!!
Oh well who cares as long as the gifts are sitting under the tree!
Hey wait a minute now stop and lets think?
Isn’t there something thats missing, something I left out there somewhere on the brink?
Well yes! I see there it is in the back of my mind!!
How could I have left this totally behind!?
It is the true meaning of Christmas that almost escaped me!
For it is the birth of Our Lord and Savior to be!!
It is the kindness and love, the peace and the joy that was born to this world.
God’s greatest gift he gave to us all!!
It is this that we should be celebrating and remembering each day!
SO it is with this in mind that I sit and I pray
For the grace of God to be with you each day!
That your health and your happiness you find over flowing and good,
and that you never find your table wanting for food.
With this I add that you find in you heart the love and the kindness that you deserve
and perhaps you can pass on some of this you may have in reserve.
A Gift to a person or family that has none of their own.
With this We can hope that from then on they will find it enter always into their house!!

May the blessings of the holidays help to keep your sanity in place as you scurry about from place to place to finish all of your chores! smile