Hear Ye! Hear Ye!  Clues Are Issued to Guess Visiting Dignitary

Okay so maybe it wasn’t easy to guess the visiting lady dignitary.  Therefore being as benevolent ath I am I shall issue a new picture and 4 movie clues that the fair lady hath been a part of.


    1. As a young lady I was the girl friend in the original Karate Kid.
    2. As all girls do I was also the babysitter in Adventures in Babysitting,
    3. As I matured I too fell prey to the devil’s nectars and ultimately wound up as Tom Cruise’s pregnant girl friend then wife in Cocktail,
    4. As yet a more mature woman I feel prey to the vices of “Sin City” as Nicholas Cage’s girlfriend/prostitute in Leaving Las Vegas

I trust that all these clues shall help thee in a solution to the mystery Dasmsel.  As an added aid here is yet another picture for you to see.  In this one you shall also see the lady’s brother.


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  1. Jay says:

    Elisabeth Shue
    Ah,the great trove of knowledge is the interweb!

    Jay of the Jammin

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