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Can He Cook, OR Is He Just Another Ruler?

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

Well the Queen thought that I should try something different for a change of pace. So, as a special gift I was given a chance to try my hand as a real Chef for a day.Or at least a chef in a restaurant for my family. 

Just after New Years my wife told me that she was able to secure me a place in a special program that was being offered by one of the Benihana Restaurants that we eat at.  It was a chance to be a Teppanyaki Chef . grin  The gift included a 2 1/2 hour training course on Day 1 and then on a second day you served a meal to your guests at the restaurant.  SO here it is day one and I am as nervous as one could possibly be, confused , or so I thought.  As usual, we arrive as most New Yorkers do, Fashionably Late!  At least I wasn’t the last one to arrive and the session hadn’t begun as of yet.  Shortly after we all were there we were brought to a back dining area consisting of 5 hibachi grill pit/dining tables.  We all were seated at one of these tables and the Grand Master Teppanyaki Chef, Denai, came out and introduced himself and explained a bit about the meal we were going to prepare and the performance that typically accompanies the cooking process.

After the instructions, Denai proceeded to demonstrate the whole process for us from the introduction through the shrimp tail flipping to the volcano onion and finally to the plating of the food.  The only item that was not done was the chicken fried rice. We were informed that this was a difficult task and the chef that would be assisting us on the day of our “performance” would be doing the rice for us.  Also, as a result of insurance reasons, we were spared the tedious process of cleaning the grill surface before, during and after the show!  How great is that!!

Well now it was our turn to try out the whole shebang, and we broke out into groups of 2 at each of the Teppanyaki Tables and awaited our instructors to guide us through the process as we ourselves prepared the meal.  For our test on how well we did….. gulp…. we had to eat what we cooked!!. sick 
As I am sure you have figured out by now, I SURVIVED DAY 1 and MY OWN COOKING!!  cheese  TO BE CONTINUED!!