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Ready Set Lets Get Cooking!!

Monday, March 10th, 2008

OK so I made you wait long enough here they are once and for all!  Yup that is right!  They say that pictures are worth a thousand words, so here are Tens of thousands of words for you about Benihana Cooking by your’s truly!  The King! wink  Yeah yeah I’ve been a bit lax in posting up the pictures so here goes nuttin!!  At my station I was honored to have my younger daughter, ,  our “Voted On Our Island” daughter and her Highness The Queen, ( who hates pictures so naturally is not in this one).
Soon the fun will start!    Any Day Now!!
I’m moving now!! See my hands are a blur!!
DO you think they like my Chicken Fried Rice?  Now for the Shrimp Appetizer!

Unfortunately resulting from my Giant stature in a Japanese restaurant, I am unable to flip and catch the shrimp tails without decapitating myself on the grill hood!!
Now let us move on to the meal! Wait I think I see a volcano forming! Yes yes I see it!  Whoa Check Out that one its A Smoker!! Whoops I forgot this is the NON-SMOKING Section!! Sorry!! wink   Let’s not forget the main dish…MMMM Steak!!
The Finished Product!!
Finally I get to FEAST! “Yum-Mo” as Rachel Ray would say!

All in all a GREAT TIME was had by everyone!  It was an experience that I will personally never forget!  Kudos MY Queen!! You out did yourself to find me this one! cheese