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Here Cometh the Tax Man!!!

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Ah yes ‘tis that most beloved time of year for us rulers of the realm!!  NOT!!!  Even us elite must file with the supreme lord and master, The IRS!!  Yup that is correct I was ensnared for the past few weeks fumbling my way through all of these confarned receipts, w-2s 1099 INT, DIV, Rs …etc!!  All just trying to finish and get them mailed by the 15th of the month and send them off to the Infernal Revenue Suckers!! 

I thought that this year it would be nice and simple.  We started an envelope for all the receipts we collected during 2007 and continuously put them in it.  As all the forms came in we added in to the envelope and I even went as far as to purchase one of those illustrious programs to be my aide de camp.  HA I say!  Ha!  After hours of questions from the stupid thing it was finally time to enter my…  whoops hold on,  “Dad can you do my taxes for me?!”  “Mine too!!  ” And don’t forget you have to do the business as well Dear!” Oy Vey I say!  So…
After I finish doing them for the little minions and then getting roped into doing them for my father-in-law and his wife, I trudged forward with the business and then my personal taxes.  All in all what should have taken I would estimate about a week at the most ended up being a good 3 month ordeal!!!  Thank God for the reliability of the previous King and his wisdom, yup Dad sure was a BIG help, I wouldn’t have ever been able to get Our taxes done in time!!  Finally running the review on them in the program and finding no errors, I decided to do it the easy way and electronically file my returns. Push enter and off they go!  Yeah right!!  Error, Error you can not file electronically because you have a $0.00 amount on line 8 million which cannot be a zero, it must be a minimum of $1.00. Well what the heck !?!  SO back to the old drawing board, pull the papers and look at the documentation that supports line 8 million ans see that it is in fact $0.00!! NOW WHAT!!  Yup its break out the envelope and get the pen start signing and folding and sealing and off to the post office we go!!  Hooray for us of they.. Nope not yet what was it I read?  Oh yes “make certain you send your taxes in Certified Mail.  This way the IRS accepts the taxes as being received on the day of mailing and if they do get lost as long as you have that little piece of paper with your receipt you are in good steads!!!


Any day from 2 weeks to 3 months a we will get our refund!!  Hmm that doesn’t seem right?  No deadline for them to get them back to us?  Oh yeah right hold them to task!  I don’t think so!!!

  All I can say is I hope you Finished Your Taxes ON TIME!!