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Ah Potato or is it Potatoe?

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Today I decided to write about something off of my normal track.  I love my country and as so I am deeply concerned about this presidential election.  The news is full of constant arguing between Obama and Clinton’s corners.  This tends to dilute and hide the issues that we all should concern ourselves with.  More focus on how to resolve job loss in the US, illiteracy, poverty and disaster recovery to areas that have been devistated by natural disasters seem to me to be of more importance than slandering each other.  I am perplexed at the moment as to which way I will vote come election time, but right now I feel like it is going to be an election to choose the lesser of all evils.  Who will do the least harm to this country should be in our minds.

I have started to review, in more depth, articles I find more off of the beaten path.  They tend to be about the speeches made by the candidates.  I received an email that talked quite a bit about Obama’s mistakes and turn-a-round statements.  Here is the article : Barack Potatoe Obama
It tends to parallel Obama’s faux pas to those made by Dan Quayle and point out how the media jumps on McCain’s age for his mistakes but raise Obama up as “Captain Competent.”

I don’t know who to believe these days, but I am tending to lean towards voting as they did in a movie that I liked quite a bit.  It was called Brewster’s Millions and I want to vote for

“None of The Above”!

How Are You Going To Vote?!?

Whew!  We Made It Through Number One Daughter!

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Yup that is correct!  Our oldest daughter graduated from college on May 18th with a degree in Integrated Marketing and Communication.  Now what the heck is that you ask?  So did and do I to this date.  All I know is that she has landed herself with a Bachelor of Science Degree from The Park School at Ithaca College.  That means that she went to a prestigious school for landing a job in the fields of marketing, advertising, public relations and television and film!  What does that do for our gal you say….

Well that means that she has landed herself an internship at a moderate sized PR, (Public Relations), firm in NYC.  Thats right, our country bumpkin is going to be taking a bite out of the Big Apple this summer!  Unfortunately for us that meant she was heading off to Gotham exactly 1 week after graduation day!!  Oh sure don’t stress the rents out at all.  Just give us the shortest time to pull together everything needed for a Grad Party in 3 1/2 days, as we returned home Tuesday evening and had to have the party on that Saturday, May 24th, as daughter dearest had to head to NY on Sunday Morning since her internship commenced on Tuesday.

Well this is Tuesday and she is in NYC at her new job and I am here typing so that means that we all made it through!! I have to tell you though that I did have my doubts a few times during the preliminaries of the party and send off.  What do I mean by this you query?  Well, let us just say that my love and better half whom I rely upon more than you can ever imagine got nailed with one of the most horrific of migraines that I have ever had the misfortune to see anyone ever come down with!!!  It was so terrible that she was forced to stay in bed for the majority of Friday and most of the morning on Saturday in an effort to loose the headache, nausea, temperature, hot and cold sweats as well as total loss of strength!  It was so bad that I had to call the doctor on Friday evening and disturb him on his off hours, thank the big guy upstairs that I have the Doc’s personal cell phone number on speed dial because of my problems.  After relaying all of the symptoms and things to him he called in some prescriptions for her and it was off to the local pharmacy to get the all necessary healing pills!!

So Saturday comes around and it is time for the festivities to begin and where are the Mrs. and myself?  Why at the grocery store where else would we be, at the party awaiting the arrival of our guests you say?  Nope we are all geared up and running on full speed like crazy people trying to get the last minute forgotten items we needed to have to lets just say cool the beverages and cook the food!!!  MHM we waited a bit to long to get them so we were late to our own party!  I must say however that when we did arrive we pulled it all together and a wonderful time was had by all!
Tune in next time for as photo montage of the festivous grandeous!!

Can You See Me Now?

Sunday, May 4th, 2008

Well I knew it would come one day, but who would a thunk it would be so soon!  The eye doctor had told me that I had fast growing cataracts caused by steroids that I take to keep my asthma under control.  In New York the doctor decided that I could go without having them removed as long as I could see and they weren’t really bothering me too much.  All was well and good.  No in Michigan I went to have the eyes checked as I was getting more frequent headaches and eye pain as well as occasional blurring vision.  The verdict …. have them removed.  First thought—YIKES!!!

SO I prepared myself to have the surgery expecting as things usually go to have to wait two to three weeks.  Little did I know the doc was talking in days not weeks!  Well the day comes to be at the outpatient surgery center at the crack of 8 am and the nerves are going faster then the body is moving.  I get to the center and its zip right into the pre-op area to get put into one of these gowns, but at least if I were to go I was able to keep my pants and boots on so it wouldn’t be that embarrassing.  Now I lie down on the gurney and they check the vitals, name rank and serial number, which eye as only 1 gets done at a time. and the numbing eye drops begin.  After about 20 minutes of numbing drops and staff introductions it is into the OR for the slice and dice of the old eye lens and in with the new.  In the OR I’m given more numbing drops and an IV cocktail to calm me down for the operation.  Here I am thinking that I’ll be out cold for this, but unbeknownst to me you need to only be in a twilight condition.  This is so you have some control over your eye muscles.  So the doc starts the water flowing to the eye to keep it moist and lubricated and they have the speculum keeping the eye lids spread wide open. Then its slice and a sonic blast to the lens and then they suck it out.  Then they place the new one in and use the water to help set it in the right spot.  After a few minutes, about 25 to 30 minutes the doc says look up, look down, look right and finally look left.  Then its insert the antibacterial goop and you hear those lovely words… OK it looks great take him to the recovery area.

So you breathe the longest, deepest best deep breath you’ve ever had and next thing you know your wheeled over to an area in the prep room where your better half is waiting and they give you some crackers and juice and tell you to hold the cotton ball over the place where you just had the IV yanked out.  Then with one last check of the vitals and a quick change you receive the parting gift of new meds to put into your eye 4 to 6 times a day, the new “Old fogey” glasses, as my daughter and wife called them, the directions and signs to watch for trouble and the dos and do nots for the next month or so, you make the next appointment for the following day and it is homeward bound only to get there and pass out, on and off, for the majority of the day. 

I have to admit that once you get the first one done it is really awkward until the second one gets done!  Thankfully all went well for the first one and perhaps tomorrow I’ll recant the saga of eye number 2 and what transpired until that one was completed.