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Food For Thought!

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

A change of topics today.  The Mrs, aka the Queen, told me about this video on YouTube so I watched it and thought it kind of hit some good points to think on.  So I have decided to add this to my message for today!  It is called “If I Were A Terrorist”.  It tells you some interesting things about what James Pence would do if he were in the role of a terrorist.  SO, please click and watch this and think to yourself


Hmmm could this already be happening!?!

big surprise

Our government wouldn’t do this to us.  Or Would It…???


Are You Scared Yet?!?

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

I am becoming even more nervous everyday with concern for the fate of this Nation.  At first it was candidate vs.candidate is now Presidential candidate and Vice Presidential running mate!  BUT even on top of that you not only get 1 Clinton you get BOTH Clintons if Obama wins.  Next what really is disconcerting is how little the populous knows about the smooth talking, slick dressing Mr. Obama.  There was an internet video portrait done of Obama that was forwarded to me by my Better half.  I think it discusses quite a few things that we ALL should know and think about before making a decision on how we would like or dislike this Young Politician becoming this Great Nation’s Leader and The Commander and Chief of the Greatest Armed Services in the World.  In an effort to help you become better educated on this matter, just click on this Portrait of Barack Hussein Obama

.  Please take the time and watch this video.  It is quite something to think about.  I am not trying to diswade you from following your own judgement for the election, I am just trying to make sure everyone gets The Facts”. SO lets just take a few minutes sit back and absorb the information.
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