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Simply Christmas

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

Simply Christmas
‘Tis the time of busy streets,
Merriment and lots of treats!
Of packages filled with heart’s desire,
The end product of shopping trips from which we tire!
Christmas trees all full of lights that shimmer and sparkle on snowy nights.

It is the time of memories future and memories past.
Ones that go and ones that last.
Of childhood wishes and childhood pleasures.
Of little dolls and pirates treasures.
‘Tis a season that’s ageless, forgotten by time.
It carries with it something that’s priceless but cost not a dime.
It requires no outlay, no spending, it’s free!
It is something that’s dear to you and to me!
Everyone has it, no one’s left out!
If you ask what it is people will gladly shout…
“It’s joy and hope! It’s peace and love!”
“It’s wishes met and prayers answered from up above!”

If by now to this you are not a witness,
The answer now I’ll tell you…
“It’s simply Christmas!!!”

by: myself, His royal Majesty, the King!!