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Sometimes You Just Gotta Say Aaaahhh!

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Yup ’ true even his Majesty doth sometimes find himself to the verge of relinquishing a blood curdling …… SCREAM!!

It has been just one of those days. Still I doth be suffering from such a vial inflection of churning stomach, fever and malaise that would kill any meager minion, I hop that this day would bring unto our fair kingdom a mild and quiet turning of events. Ah but fair not be-eth in thy heavenly cards for this realm, for today hath been a day one doth wisheth would have passed whilst one did sleep!

My story doth begineth as such….
“Awaketh my liege! Awaketh!!”, twas all but heardeth trumpeting forth from young Royal Feline Zoe as she pouncethed numerous times upon Sires Royal Aching Mid Section! What a pleasant dash forth to the Royal Commode one must maketh after such a loving start to ones morning!
Next after settling Zoe downeth for a brief respite once more, for all of abouteth 3 minutes, doth the frasarackin blastin sleep disrupter of a phone start ringing forth! “Please press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish ..oops interruptethed by a stray paw from lovely Zoe as the call be doth lost in a hang up! (hehehe)
Ah I doth have still a few minutes more that I mayeth …. Ring Ring …URGH “Hello is this ………. or the care giver for …….. if so please press 3 now on your telephone key pad. ” ’ Ok boop “There is no one hear to take your call at this moment, please call back between the hours of…..“Hey wait a gosh darn minute YOU CALLED ME! One Doth Shout Uselessly to an automated machine! CLICK some unprintable remarks and thats it!!!
OK so now the day hopefully can only get better from here on Right?!? ANG “Thanks for playing please try again!”
So now the cable on the TV doesn’t work nor does the Internet load! Oh Great! Honey Did you forget Something!! Ah that glorious sound that a Husband Doth Live For!! Am I right Gents?!? Oops so I missed a bill or so this month and they want to turn this off repo that and chargeth me $XX for late fees! Hey One can not taketh blood forth from a Stone Can One!! Well maybe at Stonehenge!?!
Well let us puteth these on a back burner for now. It is off to get a trimeth for me and procureth a new coiffure for my Queen!
Whew that doth go smooth! So it is off back to our Castle doth we returneth!
OK checketh the mail, grabeth a bit of grub since all that we hath eaten was some toast and it doth be about 1:45 in the passing of noon, and quietly enjoy our feasting. …. AS IF…

Ring Ring “Hello” , “No this doth not be-eth the King, why doth thou wisheth to speak with him?” Ah tis okay, Hello Auntie K How be-eth thou?” “No we have not heard from him at all today, why is something amiss?” “You’ve got to be jesting! No, No way, Are you Serious!” Well this continueth on for about I sayeth a good 10 to 15 minutes and then … Click.. “Okay giveth what hath transpired my love?” …..

In an effort to keepeth this short I shall Quill the remainder of this tale in the most brevity that I can and not deminisheth from its import.

Well it doth appear that my Queen’s Father, former King of the Realm, hath an altercation with a Dragon one might calleth a Mini-Bus! Yup you got it, old pops done had an accident and is now sitting in a hospital with a fracture to the left knee!

Yep so just when you think things are as bad as they can be for a day, he he he look out someone has something else lined up to proveth you doth be wrong!

A New Year Begins!

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Hello to all my subjects and a Happy and Blessed New Years to You ALL!

It seems of late that time has gotten away from me and I haven’t taken the time to enjoy the things that I truly should.
The fact that I constantly am ailing doesn’t help matters, but I shan’t be using that as a crutch any longer.
While I lay in bed within the Royal bed chamber in the wee hours of the AM the other day I began to think about my life as it is
now compared to how it was a decade ago. In sum I realized that I was surely bestowed with many blessings in my life that I have taken for granted these past few years. Allowing my condition to rule my life and attitude towards my life was the wrong way to live. I guess that I was letting my depression get the better of every situation and thus creating a great deal of animosity with the ones that I love. I can only hope that it hasn’t hurt those relationships to a degree of non-repair.
I see each day how the youngest’s attitudes towards myself and the Queen has become at times almost unbearable. We know that the only reason she remains with us is the fact that she would no longer have her transportation method that she has become so reliant upon. As for the relationship with the elder, she is working at taking care of her obligations to a reasonable level and hopes to leave the kingdom as soon as financially possible. That will be a said day in Bedrock when she goes. I also notice that the Queen and I tend to be short with each other more that we used to be. I guess her depression is getting the better of herself as well.? Just another gift from our lovely accidents!

Well I guess my resolve has to kick in and start to take my life back from all of this. I long for the happier days, the days when we would get up and look forward to doing things together. I know deep in my heart that we can get back there if we just put our minds to it! Even if we just start with one little thing at a time. I have started to make myself wake up earlier each morning, but that seems to be falling through as by around 10 am I am very tired and go back upstairs and lay down, and then when I next awaken it is after 1 pm. Whoa Sleeping Beauty has nothing on me but Looks! Oy and this lousy weather and now the snow we are getting is definitely not helping much! I don’t even have the energy or strength to go outside and clear off the driveway and walkways! Alas who but I or the Queen would do it!? Wait yes there is a far off memory of a time when the two young ones would argue over who would be able to use the snow blower to do the clearing! AH those carefree days of yesteryear!

Enough of that depressive crud!! We here at our castle do have some pleasure and entertaining good times! Yes we have a kitten that gives us unending moments of love and laughter. Perhaps we should take a lesson from her and find enjoyment in our lives in the simple things, like hanging out on our cat condo or even amusing ones self with a straw! AH! To be as carefree as a kitten! One can only wish!

So my thoughts for this day are simple: When all of the burdens life throws at you are more than you can handle leaving you so you don’t know what to do…
Follow the advice of my kitten just leave it all behind you and off to your kitty condo you should go!!