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So What If….

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Did you ever get the feeling that in today’s world the respect parents once had is gone?
I remember when I was a kid that it was kind of written in stone that you respected your parents, or even if you really didn’t respect them at least you gave them common courtesies.  That has been lost some place over the years as I have gone from black hair to ever more controlling gray.  When you were growing up didn’t you just find it the norm to tell the people that you live with, aka your parents, if you were going out some place, weren’t going to be home for dinner, or even basically what your plans were for the weekend or even just for that day?
Well that I guess is no longer fashionable to do.  Now don’t get me wrong, my kids are good kids and thank God they aren’t into the truly bad things that kids these days can and a lot of the time are dragged into.  Some even say that I should be grateful that “small things” like this are all I am complaining about with them.  Well you know what I say to that – Hoowie!! 
What am I ranting about must be crossing your mind right about now.  Well, here goes…
Back ground:
Younger daughter, just turned 20, drives a new Trailblazer that I bought about a year ago, and am still making payments on.  She considers it “Her Car”, that is to everyone but us where she says that it isn’t what she would have picked if it was hers.  The agreement was she pays a set amount each month and she can drive it.  Ya know what, it is still I guess my car as she isn’t even paying anything towards the car, she is just paying the insurance right now.  That being such…
I found out today that my vehicle is going to be used as a moving truck to move her cousin back home.  Well it would have been nice to have been asked to use it for that purpose since no matter how careful you try to be something always happens to mess up the vehicle when used to move stuff. Needless to say that does not make me happy.
Next, I decided to make a nice meatloaf dinner with potatoes, fresh green beans, salad and corn on the cob for dinner tonight and the wife was planning a niece Roast Beef dinner with all of the sides for Sunday, a great idea since everyone is all over the place during the week a nice meal on the weekend is a yummy way to catch up with each other.  No dice, last night I found out the oldest isn’t planning to be home tonight, she decided to make it a game night/sleep over at her Aunt’s house, that is where her cousin is moving to, and possibly won’t be home tomorrow either.  That usually means that the young one will not be home tonight either.  So much for a nice dinner this weekend.  The rule we do have for stuff like this is they are supposed to write down on the calendar, at least a few days in advance, when they will not be home for dinner and if they aren’t going to be home at all.  A little common courtesy for the people you live with not to be freaking out that you aren’t home at night when you think that they are going to be!!

Am I wrong and over reacting?  Is it that we are being smothering?  Do we have a right to be a bit perturbed?

What is your call on this? 

The King would like to know!


Where Has The Time Gone?

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Holy cow! I didn’t realize how much I have neglected all of my royal subject! I humbly pray that thou dost forgiveth me! Well if thou does not “Off With Their Heads!! I doth only kiddeth minions so feareth not!

Tis mine own fault.

Just the other day I was conversing with an apothecary from a neighboring kingdom. We pondered at the notion that time passeth exponentially basedeth upon age.
Caseth in point- when thou is a youngster time passeth ever so slowly. It leaveth you ranting hurrieth up and come on alreadyeth! I can not waiteth til it be the season of Christmas! Then once Christmas hath passed one findeth theirself chomping at thyne bit for spring to arriveth, then for summer to be here. Each one upon itself taking what feeleth like forever to be here.

Alas, once thou hast reached the age of 25 and thou hast finished all of thyne studies and it is into the real world and earning funds to payeth the tax man, it seemeth like thy life doth fly by ever so fast! 1 day turneth into a week, turneth into a month turneth into two months turneth into six months and afore one knoweth a year hath passed on. I remember the day that my wife and I hath crossed paths. Twas on-line on a fine wintry night in December 1996. Twas February of 1997 when we met face to face when I had flowneth her to meet me in NY to share our 1st Valentine’s Day together. It seems like it twas yesterday and not 12 years and a wee bit short of 7 months from our first meeting. Having passed our 9th wedding anniversary the end of July seems almost impossible. I still see the young faces of our 23 and 20 year old daughters as the wee ones they were on our first meeting. It can’t be so long ago, but it is just ask my bones they will definitely affirm that the time has passed since then. DO I have any regrets? Unfortunately I must say that I do. What are they, well let me seeā€¦

Ah yes!

I regret that I had waiteth as long as I had to marry my wife. I regret that I have gotten ill. I regret leaving my wife and kids alone 4 days after I moved them to NY from Michigan with them knowing not really a sole and at odds with the in-laws. I also regret the accidents that we have had in 2005 and my injury in 2006. And my biggest regret is that I am not able to provide all that my wife deserves and desires to make her life as wonderful as she makes mine each and every day since our two lives have joined.

Royal Ponderous for today:

Take each day as it may come remembering to live it the best that you can. Make certain that you enjoy every moment that is given to you, but not forgetting that you touch the lives of those around you. So, remember to make every action that you do one that brings joy to those around you and love to those that love you. For if time doth seem to you to passeth ever so quickly, imagine how quick it really is passing! God Blessings to you All and Love to those you love and that love you! Remember every person is a friend that you haven’t yet met until you say hello! Hello!