Just When You Think You Stand A Chance…..

Yup!  Did you ever feel like there is someone out there that sits by watching and waiting for you to think you are finally going to have things go your way and see a little bit of good come your way, only to have them burst out laughing, go no no no and slam you with something else that pulls you right back to where you were or even worse?  Well it seems like that is all that ever happens to us.  Last month we thought we were going to be finally breaking even on the bills and would be able to start to pay down some of the credit cards so we would have some room to give the girls a bit of a Christmas this year.  Unfortunately we took the van in for a quick oil change and found out that we needed to replace all 4 ball joints, all four tires and all the shocks. So a quick $14.95 oil change now became a have to pay $1300.00.  I quick started to check around to see if I could save some here and there by going some where else.  Went to my guy at Ford who has been watching for a good sale on tires for me, only to find out he left the dealership. So I checked with the other guy and their price was almost $1,000 more.  I checked other ads and looked only, but the original quote seemed to be the best.  So we scrimped scrounged and finally begged Pops for some help with a promise to pay him back a little bit monthly, only to find out that he just bought himself a new car, Chevy HHR.  Being such the guy he is, he decided to lease it out to the transportation company that drives him around, and buy himself a new one.  Then he tells me that he thinks he is going to lease this one to the same company and buy himself a new one again!!.  There went my hopes!!

Well sucking in my pride I wrote a letter to our Church’s Board of Prayer and Care that helps the members out that are in financial hardship.  After waiting a week and a half and getting strange vibes from members that we thought were friends,  we finally got an answer. It was we are sorry but we do not have the funds that you require right now.  So at this point I was ready to just disappear, but remembered that I wouldn’t get very far since the van was why we needed the money in the first place.

Do you hear that guy laughing hysterically at me yet?  I did by this time.

Well as luck would finally have it, Pops finally came through for us and paid to have the van fixed with the condition we pay him something every month.  okay, that isn’t too bad I think we can scrape by with that arrangement.  Whew, what a relief! That guy didn’t get that big a laugh at our expense after all!

Yeah right! I guess I thought too loud, because as our luck would have it what happened today just really puts the nail in the proverbial coffin.

Want to find out more?  Tune in tomorrow when I finally sort it all out and see where we are going to wind up!!!

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  1. momma says:

    You will eventually have that guy laughing out of the other side of his mouth. It just may take a while. If it is any comfort there are many in your situation just don’t give up!

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