Merry Christmas To All!

Okay something is wrong here!!

It is now 6:25 am on Christmas Day and I still haven’t been to sleep yet. I guess that means that Santa Claus isn’t stopping here this time?  I don’t understand why I can’t fall asleep at night any longer.  I am on so  much medication and take sleeping pills to help me sleep, but none of that seems to do a dang thing anymore.  I have people telling me that it is up to me to control my sleep habits, but you try to fall asleep when all you do is toss and turn and stare at the ceiling and hear every little noise from both inside and outside the house.  I have tried playing with my DS, going downstairs and using the PC, watching television Christmas downstairs on the couch under a blanket to fall asleep yet nothing is working.  Granted,give me until around 1:00 pm and I will feel like crashing.  This of course will be right in the middle of everything going on Christmas Day.  Just what I need to have an argument over my sleeping habits of all things with my eldest daughter’s boyfriend going to be here for the first time!


Oh and by the way,

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Day!!

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  1. momma says:

    A very Merry Christmas to you and the Queen and your Princess’ too. I hope everything will get better as we move into 2010 for both our families. Do try to take care of yourself.


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