Wait I Want A DO-OVER!!

Okay so here it was going on 8:30 am, time to get up so we can start this “wonderful day” trekking Pops-In-Law all over bloody creation!  One problem…

No sleep for this guy!  Yup that’s right I couldn’t fall asleep for love nor money the night before!  It was the old toss and turn, watch the clock, pet the cat, run to the bathroom so as not to freeze, and then finally give up and head downstairs cause sleep just was not happening.

Alright we get on our way and I decided to take the Mrs. out for a quick inexpensive breakfast at Mickey D’s.  Not bad, it is getting better I begin to think, until on our way to eat this box truck decides to pull out in front of us and drop speed to about 15 in a 40.  Argh!!! We’ll deal no problem.  So at the 1st chance we get we get around the truck and off to breakfast we go.  Get there and who pulls in?  Yup you got it the truck!  Ah it’ll be gone when we leave.  Right! Not today it won’t.  No sooner do we start to pull out of our spot then the truck starts up and pulls out in front of us.  Okay he is turning left and we are going right so that will be that until he decides he needs the right and left sides of the driveway and sits there until absolutely no vehicles are in view before he pulls out.

On our way to get Pops to  take him to the eye doctor for a 10:30 appointment.  Get him and get there early only to find the waiting room completely full.  Doesn’t bother him as he fell a week ago Friday and is now using a wheelchair to get around.   Get settled and wait. 10 min, 30 min, 45 min, 1 hour, 1 hour and 2o minutes and finding out that the chart had been pulled, but placed down in the wrong spot by one of the eye dr.’s assistants that do the vision test he needed done.  In he goes for the test, boom that goes well, oops nope, report stops printing right in the middle of it!  They decide to take him to the next test and fix the issue while the doc sees him later.  So this test is a pressure test that checks the vessels in your eyes to see if they are blocked or constricted.  He needs to sit still for this one so they can get a computer image of the eye and vessels.  Does the 82 year old fidget master sit still? Yeah right!  Okay finally done and tell the lady that it is probably out of paper and that is why it stopped printing, basing it on the big pink streak running down the sides of the part that printed.  “Oh no it still prints for a while after that starts.”  So I finally get her to check and what is it? Yup out of paper thank you very much!  SO now off to the final room for the eye chart test and the doctor to give us the lowdown.

We sit there and wait as we watch the time for our next appointment come and slip past.  SO I call the next doctor, Pops’ D.O. and tell the receptionist that we are running late because of the delay at the eye doctor’s.  How late she asks, checking to see if she should tell us not to come.  I tell her that the Doc wants to see him today because of his fall and that we didn’t know how much longer it would be, and the eye doctor walks in and I tell her so I hung up.  He apologizes and tells us that an older patient just had a stroke in his lobby and he had to wait until the ambulance came before he came back here.

The eye doc checks everything and tells us that Pops unfortunately by state law, your vision must not exceed 20-50 in at least one eye (Pops is 20-100 and 20-25),  Pops passed.  Then he says “However, I really think that you shouldn’t be driving anymore as you failed the peripheral vision test very badly!”  Pops on the other hand tells him that his peripheral test doesn’t work and he isn’t going to take that again, and he still is going to drive.  So now we have an eye doctor, a DO and a phsyotrist all telling him that he should not be driving and he is going to anyway.  Take away his keys you say?!?  Okay we tried that and he just took a cab to the dealership and got a new set right down to the alarm fob!

Now off to the DO. Not bad just about 35- 40 minutes late.  We get there sign in and wow, this place moved quickly! Okay things are going to look up from here!  Whoops, spoke too soon!  On our way to pick up a ladder from the house of the properties manager for Pops, this ninny in a Ford Explorer XLS decides to change lanes.  He slammed right into our rear passenger side bumper as we are stopped waiting for traffic to move and the guy in front of him to finish pulling into our lane, my wife being the kind driver she is.  Well the boob changes lanes, or starts to, and never saw us sitting there, as he said,” so I never hit the brakes”, and then tried to change the story to that he slid into us when he tried to stop.

So now with a crunched in rear bumper, whiplash to me, my wife and pain back to my knees and all down both of our backs,………


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  1. momma says:

    I don’t know Michael–do you have a hit me sign pinned to the van? If it weren’t for bad luck you would have no luck at all. Hope you fell better soon.

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