A Time For Joy and Peace?

Okay so they say when December comes, yeah right actually it is when Thanksgiving comes, you are supposed to get into the holiday spirit. Well I would surely love to, but of late it seems that every place I turn all I see is abandoned houses, people on the streets holding signs up saying,” Will work to feed my family!” and posts on properties that say “Thieves will be SHOT!” How then do you get to that point of good cheer and merriment? I heavily rely on my faith and can always lean on family, but I know there are those out there that aren’t as lucky as I am and my heart aches for them. It is not to say that I don’t have money problems or that I am in the greatest of health either, but even as I see the overdrafts drawing nearer and the gas bills getting higher because Old Man Winter wants to blow his cool with us, I know that there will be a light around the corner for me and we will be fine.
The Mrs. and I talked yesterday and decided that even if we can not do a great deal for everyone, at least perhaps we can do something special for some. So it is with that we decided to start ‘From Our Hearts to Your Family” and reach out to all of you to help where you can. If you can find it in your hearts, or spare change cans, any amount that you can do would start the ball rolling and before you know it we have helped a family and are on to the next!! We have set up a donation link to the right side of my page if you are so inclined to help us help others.
Thanks to all of you for sparing your time and hearts!

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