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Where Has The Time Gone?

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Holy cow! I didn’t realize how much I have neglected all of my royal subject! I humbly pray that thou dost forgiveth me! Well if thou does not “Off With Their Heads!! I doth only kiddeth minions so feareth not!

Tis mine own fault.

Just the other day I was conversing with an apothecary from a neighboring kingdom. We pondered at the notion that time passeth exponentially basedeth upon age.
Caseth in point- when thou is a youngster time passeth ever so slowly. It leaveth you ranting hurrieth up and come on alreadyeth! I can not waiteth til it be the season of Christmas! Then once Christmas hath passed one findeth theirself chomping at thyne bit for spring to arriveth, then for summer to be here. Each one upon itself taking what feeleth like forever to be here.

Alas, once thou hast reached the age of 25 and thou hast finished all of thyne studies and it is into the real world and earning funds to payeth the tax man, it seemeth like thy life doth fly by ever so fast! 1 day turneth into a week, turneth into a month turneth into two months turneth into six months and afore one knoweth a year hath passed on. I remember the day that my wife and I hath crossed paths. Twas on-line on a fine wintry night in December 1996. Twas February of 1997 when we met face to face when I had flowneth her to meet me in NY to share our 1st Valentine’s Day together. It seems like it twas yesterday and not 12 years and a wee bit short of 7 months from our first meeting. Having passed our 9th wedding anniversary the end of July seems almost impossible. I still see the young faces of our 23 and 20 year old daughters as the wee ones they were on our first meeting. It can’t be so long ago, but it is just ask my bones they will definitely affirm that the time has passed since then. DO I have any regrets? Unfortunately I must say that I do. What are they, well let me seeā€¦

Ah yes!

I regret that I had waiteth as long as I had to marry my wife. I regret that I have gotten ill. I regret leaving my wife and kids alone 4 days after I moved them to NY from Michigan with them knowing not really a sole and at odds with the in-laws. I also regret the accidents that we have had in 2005 and my injury in 2006. And my biggest regret is that I am not able to provide all that my wife deserves and desires to make her life as wonderful as she makes mine each and every day since our two lives have joined.

Royal Ponderous for today:

Take each day as it may come remembering to live it the best that you can. Make certain that you enjoy every moment that is given to you, but not forgetting that you touch the lives of those around you. So, remember to make every action that you do one that brings joy to those around you and love to those that love you. For if time doth seem to you to passeth ever so quickly, imagine how quick it really is passing! God Blessings to you All and Love to those you love and that love you! Remember every person is a friend that you haven’t yet met until you say hello! Hello!

‘Tis The Bless-ed Day For The Irish!

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009

Sometimes You Just Gotta Say Aaaahhh!

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Yup ’ true even his Majesty doth sometimes find himself to the verge of relinquishing a blood curdling …… SCREAM!!

It has been just one of those days. Still I doth be suffering from such a vial inflection of churning stomach, fever and malaise that would kill any meager minion, I hop that this day would bring unto our fair kingdom a mild and quiet turning of events. Ah but fair not be-eth in thy heavenly cards for this realm, for today hath been a day one doth wisheth would have passed whilst one did sleep!

My story doth begineth as such….
“Awaketh my liege! Awaketh!!”, twas all but heardeth trumpeting forth from young Royal Feline Zoe as she pouncethed numerous times upon Sires Royal Aching Mid Section! What a pleasant dash forth to the Royal Commode one must maketh after such a loving start to ones morning!
Next after settling Zoe downeth for a brief respite once more, for all of abouteth 3 minutes, doth the frasarackin blastin sleep disrupter of a phone start ringing forth! “Please press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish ..oops interruptethed by a stray paw from lovely Zoe as the call be doth lost in a hang up! (hehehe)
Ah I doth have still a few minutes more that I mayeth …. Ring Ring …URGH “Hello is this ………. or the care giver for …….. if so please press 3 now on your telephone key pad. ” ’ Ok boop “There is no one hear to take your call at this moment, please call back between the hours of…..“Hey wait a gosh darn minute YOU CALLED ME! One Doth Shout Uselessly to an automated machine! CLICK some unprintable remarks and thats it!!!
OK so now the day hopefully can only get better from here on Right?!? ANG “Thanks for playing please try again!”
So now the cable on the TV doesn’t work nor does the Internet load! Oh Great! Honey Did you forget Something!! Ah that glorious sound that a Husband Doth Live For!! Am I right Gents?!? Oops so I missed a bill or so this month and they want to turn this off repo that and chargeth me $XX for late fees! Hey One can not taketh blood forth from a Stone Can One!! Well maybe at Stonehenge!?!
Well let us puteth these on a back burner for now. It is off to get a trimeth for me and procureth a new coiffure for my Queen!
Whew that doth go smooth! So it is off back to our Castle doth we returneth!
OK checketh the mail, grabeth a bit of grub since all that we hath eaten was some toast and it doth be about 1:45 in the passing of noon, and quietly enjoy our feasting. …. AS IF…

Ring Ring “Hello” , “No this doth not be-eth the King, why doth thou wisheth to speak with him?” Ah tis okay, Hello Auntie K How be-eth thou?” “No we have not heard from him at all today, why is something amiss?” “You’ve got to be jesting! No, No way, Are you Serious!” Well this continueth on for about I sayeth a good 10 to 15 minutes and then … Click.. “Okay giveth what hath transpired my love?” …..

In an effort to keepeth this short I shall Quill the remainder of this tale in the most brevity that I can and not deminisheth from its import.

Well it doth appear that my Queen’s Father, former King of the Realm, hath an altercation with a Dragon one might calleth a Mini-Bus! Yup you got it, old pops done had an accident and is now sitting in a hospital with a fracture to the left knee!

Yep so just when you think things are as bad as they can be for a day, he he he look out someone has something else lined up to proveth you doth be wrong!

A New Year Begins!

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Hello to all my subjects and a Happy and Blessed New Years to You ALL!

It seems of late that time has gotten away from me and I haven’t taken the time to enjoy the things that I truly should.
The fact that I constantly am ailing doesn’t help matters, but I shan’t be using that as a crutch any longer.
While I lay in bed within the Royal bed chamber in the wee hours of the AM the other day I began to think about my life as it is
now compared to how it was a decade ago. In sum I realized that I was surely bestowed with many blessings in my life that I have taken for granted these past few years. Allowing my condition to rule my life and attitude towards my life was the wrong way to live. I guess that I was letting my depression get the better of every situation and thus creating a great deal of animosity with the ones that I love. I can only hope that it hasn’t hurt those relationships to a degree of non-repair.
I see each day how the youngest’s attitudes towards myself and the Queen has become at times almost unbearable. We know that the only reason she remains with us is the fact that she would no longer have her transportation method that she has become so reliant upon. As for the relationship with the elder, she is working at taking care of her obligations to a reasonable level and hopes to leave the kingdom as soon as financially possible. That will be a said day in Bedrock when she goes. I also notice that the Queen and I tend to be short with each other more that we used to be. I guess her depression is getting the better of herself as well.? Just another gift from our lovely accidents!

Well I guess my resolve has to kick in and start to take my life back from all of this. I long for the happier days, the days when we would get up and look forward to doing things together. I know deep in my heart that we can get back there if we just put our minds to it! Even if we just start with one little thing at a time. I have started to make myself wake up earlier each morning, but that seems to be falling through as by around 10 am I am very tired and go back upstairs and lay down, and then when I next awaken it is after 1 pm. Whoa Sleeping Beauty has nothing on me but Looks! Oy and this lousy weather and now the snow we are getting is definitely not helping much! I don’t even have the energy or strength to go outside and clear off the driveway and walkways! Alas who but I or the Queen would do it!? Wait yes there is a far off memory of a time when the two young ones would argue over who would be able to use the snow blower to do the clearing! AH those carefree days of yesteryear!

Enough of that depressive crud!! We here at our castle do have some pleasure and entertaining good times! Yes we have a kitten that gives us unending moments of love and laughter. Perhaps we should take a lesson from her and find enjoyment in our lives in the simple things, like hanging out on our cat condo or even amusing ones self with a straw! AH! To be as carefree as a kitten! One can only wish!

So my thoughts for this day are simple: When all of the burdens life throws at you are more than you can handle leaving you so you don’t know what to do…
Follow the advice of my kitten just leave it all behind you and off to your kitty condo you should go!!

Simply Christmas

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

Simply Christmas
‘Tis the time of busy streets,
Merriment and lots of treats!
Of packages filled with heart’s desire,
The end product of shopping trips from which we tire!
Christmas trees all full of lights that shimmer and sparkle on snowy nights.

It is the time of memories future and memories past.
Ones that go and ones that last.
Of childhood wishes and childhood pleasures.
Of little dolls and pirates treasures.
‘Tis a season that’s ageless, forgotten by time.
It carries with it something that’s priceless but cost not a dime.
It requires no outlay, no spending, it’s free!
It is something that’s dear to you and to me!
Everyone has it, no one’s left out!
If you ask what it is people will gladly shout…
“It’s joy and hope! It’s peace and love!”
“It’s wishes met and prayers answered from up above!”

If by now to this you are not a witness,
The answer now I’ll tell you…
“It’s simply Christmas!!!”

by: myself, His royal Majesty, the King!!

Yes It Is True I’ve Been Lax How About You?

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

It seems these days that I haven’t been too much on my game. I guess you can say that I have been complacent about things and the direction that my life has been taking. All in all I tend to just sit back and let the world pass me by and watch from the side lines just belly aching about this and that. Well that really doesn’t do a darn thing to change things or make them better. One could say that I followed the “Procrastinator’s Motto”…. “Why do Today what you can Put Off until Tomorrow!!” It seems that a great deal of us seem to be falling into that rut. This is a bad thing. It has many ill effects on ones self and those around them. I notice that the more complacent and lax I become the more depressed and unmotivated the Mrs gets and the more depressed and agitated the young one becomes. (Not fun to be around when this happens.) Up until today I really didn’t think too much about it.

This morning I was checking my emails and had received a link from my wife. It was rather appropriate for the way I have been lately and it was also a real eye opening motivator, if I do say so myself. It hit me hard smack between the eyes. It’s impact was more that I had originally anticipated when I first looked at the link compared to when I actually sat and watched the “movie” that the link contained. I thought that it was something that I should share with all of you and let you decide for yourselves how to react. So with no further ado here is the link to click on….

Once you have viewed this please let me know what you think and perhaps what we should do to motivate others to watch this video as well!?!

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe who is going to end this War?

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Eeny Meeny Miny Moe who is going to end this War? Well I don’t know, Do you? Apparently one of the potential Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces doesn’t exactly know either.  It seems that the illustrious Barack Obama has put his foot in his mouth again.  In an attempt to change the belief that he is flip-flopping on his platform for dealing with the Iraq War Obama made the following comment “I’m going to call in the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and give them a new mission, and that is to bring the war in Iraq to a close.  We are going to get out.” There seems to be one problem, I guess Barack Obama doesn’t understand the role of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  The Joint Chiefs of Staff does not have operational command of U.S. military forces.  That authority resides in the commanders of the various Unified Combatant Commands.  CENTCOM is the command with responsibility for Iraq [and 26 other countries including Afghanistan and Pakistan].  Earlier this month, the Senate confirmed President Bush’s appointment of General David Petraeus as CENTCOM commander.  Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno is the new US commander for Iraq, replacing Gen. Petraeus. Those are the people, along with the Secretary of Defense, to whom the orders Obama spoke of would be issued.
Knowing that Senator Obama, “is a student of military matters and intellectually voracious, it is thus rather stunning that he would betray such ignorance regarding the way the military actually functions.  In truth, the Joint Chiefs are not part of the chain of command. Indeed, they are specifically by statute not part of the chain of command but instead serve solely in an advisory capacity to the president.  Surely Obama knows this. Obviously he wouldn’t be seeking the role of Commander-in-Chief without knowing how the job is done. So what follows will be familiar to him, but may be enlightening to the media types who to date have overlooked yet another Obama misstatement.”

If you would like to get a bit more insight into this issue and some of the history of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, you can click this link to The Weekly Standard.

Happy Independence Day!

Friday, July 4th, 2008

Today I was planning on writing this whole long blog about how I love my country and how much things have been changing of late for the worse at home and abroad.  However, I received an email from the USN Master Chief of my clan that sums it up pretty well.  It touches on a great many points that we need to think about on this day of celebration.  Please take a moment and read the posting on the Thomas More Law Center Blog that I have placed here.  It is entitled Happy Independence Day!

  Just give it a click and you will open a new window where the posting will come up for you to read.  Thank you. 

I would just like to add a few sentiments of my own, even though they are so eloquently expressed by both Father Dennis Edward O’Brien of the United States Marine Corps and Richard Thompson of the Thomas More Law Center. 

We need to remember to be thankful for the freedoms we have today.  To give quiet thanks to our Brave Forefathers for obtaining these freedoms and to say a prayer for our Heroic Military men and women who are ensuring that we can enjoy our freedoms still today.  And if you happen upon a Veteran or Active Member of Our Armed Services, whether it be Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, Merchant Marines, National Guard or a Reservist, take the time to stop and thank that person for putting themselves in harms way for you and your family and for protecting our liberties and glorious nation both here and abroad.  Give them the recognition and kindnesses that they deserve!

Food For Thought!

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

A change of topics today.  The Mrs, aka the Queen, told me about this video on YouTube so I watched it and thought it kind of hit some good points to think on.  So I have decided to add this to my message for today!  It is called “If I Were A Terrorist”.  It tells you some interesting things about what James Pence would do if he were in the role of a terrorist.  SO, please click and watch this and think to yourself


Hmmm could this already be happening!?!

big surprise

Our government wouldn’t do this to us.  Or Would It…???


Are You Scared Yet?!?

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

I am becoming even more nervous everyday with concern for the fate of this Nation.  At first it was candidate vs.candidate is now Presidential candidate and Vice Presidential running mate!  BUT even on top of that you not only get 1 Clinton you get BOTH Clintons if Obama wins.  Next what really is disconcerting is how little the populous knows about the smooth talking, slick dressing Mr. Obama.  There was an internet video portrait done of Obama that was forwarded to me by my Better half.  I think it discusses quite a few things that we ALL should know and think about before making a decision on how we would like or dislike this Young Politician becoming this Great Nation’s Leader and The Commander and Chief of the Greatest Armed Services in the World.  In an effort to help you become better educated on this matter, just click on this Portrait of Barack Hussein Obama

.  Please take the time and watch this video.  It is quite something to think about.  I am not trying to diswade you from following your own judgement for the election, I am just trying to make sure everyone gets The Facts”. SO lets just take a few minutes sit back and absorb the information.
I am happy to review and comment on any items concerning McCain that come my way as well.  If anyone would like to send me some information, or even to say hi, just send me an email at
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