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Just By tthe Hair of My Chinny Chin Chin!

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

I must say that there isn’t a day that goes by lately that I am not surprised in some way or another.  As my last post said, our A@s was in the fire and we were on the cusp of losing our van to the dreaded “Repo Man”! (Sounds almost like a superhero doesn’t it?)  I actually thought that this time was it and there was no way to pull our butts out of this one!  This turned out not to be the case! Just as I was about to hoist the white flag of surrender and resign myself to having lost the battle of debts, a totally unexpected proposal from a totally surprising individual was presented to me!!

We were on our way out to have a consoling Whopper at BK for dinner, it was $1.79 Whopper day in our neck of the woods, when our eldest daughter said something in the back of the van that I didn’t really catch. I just figured she was gabbing about work and things with her mom, and I was still pondering and delving deep into the corners of my noodle for a solution, those who know me well will tell you that I do not like to give up or lose the battle to the debt mongers!  Little did I know that I should have been paying attention to the other conversation going on in the van!  What I had missed and found out later in BK was that my sweet dear eldest daughter had offered up the majority of her savings to keep us from losing the van!  Can you say “Knock me over with a feather why don’t you”!

I totally did not expect that to happen.   I didn’t even know that she had saved up that much money in her MM account, let alone be willing to bail us out.  I must say that she has definitely grownup/matured a great deal this past year.  I guess having a job and having to pay your own bills has taught her a good life lesson.

All I can say is I that God sure does work in mysterious ways, and I am one of the luckiest men I know to have such a wonderful daughter.  I must admit that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree where my daughter and wife are concerned!!

Thought for the day:

Never underestimate the power of family or love.  They both show there true colors and depth when you least expect it!

Did you tell your family how much you love them today?!?

ARGH!! Continued….

Monday, November 9th, 2009

So where was I? Oh yes.  Just when things start going well someone always has to throw a monkey wrench into the works.  In our case it was one of the “Princesses”, who decided that the speed limit around the airport was just for tourists and Ohioans!! Unfortunately the policeman that was lasering the area disagreed with her and gave her a ticket for 76-80 in a 70 zone, actually she was clocked at 81.  As is just our luck,  she had a previous ticket on our insurance that would be coming off in February of 2010.   Now in lieu of having our auto insurance decrease by the 20% her ticket cost us the first time, we are now faced with an additional 10% increase!! Oh aren’t we just the lucky ones!!!

Now to make matters even worse, I am having such fun with our auto finance company that we pay monthly for the van.  Lets just call the van the “Black Mariah”.  Since we have gotten her she has served us well, but there has always been some issue or other.  Case in point almost 11 times to get the DVD player to work properly, a leaky roof that only showed up under torrential downpours, and weather stripping that continuously rips.  Its no worries though, all were taken care of except the weatherstripping, as that still is ripped and warranty period is done.  However, the biggest pain in the rear is Ford Motor Credit Financing!  They consistently find it necessary to delay processing my payment anywhere from 24 to 72 hours after I make it.  This would normally be fine for anyone else, but for someone that has to play funds close to the vest, it isn’t a blessing but a curse!  It seems that this is continuously causing the payments to be returned by my bank as I am using those funds because they haven’t been taken from my account when they should be thus incurring excessive $35 Returned Item charges.  I think I am coming close to holding the record for the most charges to an account in 1 month let alone a year!!!  Now much to my dismay, we are forced to do money gram payments for the van every month incurring an extra $9.00 in fees to send the money!! All I can say is ARGH someone shoot me now!!