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Oh to Find the Ever Elusive Sandman!!

Sunday, November 19th, 2006

Well here I sit in the wee hours of the am trying to figure out what to do for that all invasive “Thief of Dreams” hath returneth!! Yup another night of that lackluster thing called insomnia striketh again. Try as I might I just couldn’t fall asleep. I lay there as a foot warmer for the Queen, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind at all as I am always very warm at night and the coolness of her dainty feet is very soothing! Alas that didn’t work to bring on the sleepies. What to do, what to do. Tic Toc Tic Toc. Time just whizzes by and yet still no sleep. One sheep, two sheep, three…,
SO after about 1,000 sheep launching themselves at me I gave up. I lay there a bit longer then looked at the clock. Ouch it was going on 5:30 am and not a wink. So the decision is made not to disturb the Queen and it is off to the Royal couch. Well first its to the Royal Puppy Pen to let them outside so as not to start barking. Then it is wait for them to finish to come back inside, then to the Royal Fridge to get some lemonade, ah sweet nectar of the Gods!! Then give the Royal Pups a treat, then decision to sit at the computer. After a bit of email catching up and mailbox cleaning I hear the Little Miss Princess rise so I decide to stay at the computer and hack my way through this Royal scribbling. Needless to say come 1 or 2 in the pm I’ll promptly partake of a Royal Snooze-ola!

I can only hope that all of you, my Royal Subjects have been able to Part-tay with Mr. Sandman as he hath not cometh my way!!


Happy Hauntings!!

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

Ah yes the night after the Scary Festival of Tricks and Treats!! vampire

All the fun of Halloween has come and gone. The kiddies in their costumes, the bowls full of candy, pumpkins full of seeds just waiting to be gutted and decorations festooned on neighbors’ lawns. Yes that was the scene up until yesterday afternoon around 10 minutes to 4 pm. The the screaming memes, princesses, bums, witches, devils monkeys and even super heroes lined the streets All in search of treats and attempting to avoid the tricks of the day! In an effort to keep with the occasion we too gutted and dressed our pumpkin in a scary motif, and even had costumes for the canines, but alas forgot to adorn them in their garbs!! At least we did remember to photograph them when we got them, so here they are all dressed in their Halloween Best!!

Ha psyche! I bet you thought that they would be all dressed up in some funky looking costumes that only the rich and wealthy that have the bucks to throw away would make their canine buddies wear!!

As the day transformed to night and the darkness settled in it was apparent that the elder tricksters were out and about. This was evidenced by the increase in costumes covered in Barbasol and other brands of shaving creams!! Soon the streets were slick with foam from the intermittent scuffles with the lather. Further glances up the road one could see streams of silly string and waves of good old TP swaying in the branches of the neighborhood trees!! Fortunate for us I guess my scary guardian at the front door protected our abode from those mischievous hooligans as we did not suffer the TPing, egging or shaving cream attacks!!

And so marks the end to another Halloween, and perhaps our last at this our humble NY dwelling! confused

Guardians of the Realm!

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

Finally the Royal Mage hath devised a way to propagate the King’s Blog with images of the kingdom’s most loved and feared Guardians.
As it is apparent to all ye who doth view their austere visages, they must be feared lest ye suffer the wrath of the dreaded saber tongues! You can also see the dedication to duty and unrelenting desire to please his Highness The King!

As thou can see in yon images, not only are the fearsome, but they doth sport awesome uniforms for the summer!

No edict for today!

Tundra Trek 2006 - A Frigid Feat

Monday, February 20th, 2006

Greetings my fine subjects!! This session of the His Majesty’s Royal Court shall be dedicated to crossing the tundras to our part time Castle in the Country.

Friday finds us in a balmy average temperature of 58 degrees. SO with spirits high we prepare ourselves for the trek to our Country Estates. The plan was to begin the journey on Saturday after our young maiden’s carriage guiding lesson. Little did we know what laid in store for us courtesy of Our Lady of Green – aka Mother Nature. It seems once again we were to be the targets of her levity. As we awoke to begin loading up the carriage for the journey and stepped out into main courtyard, we were met with such force and frigidity of wind and temperature it would make the local courtesan blush! A low 27 degrees and falling courtesy of ye old man blowhard, winter wind!! All that came to mind was “A Pox on Thee Old Man Winter!!
SO in hasty fashion and lack of breath I loaded up the carriage. After what seemed like a million trips hither and yon, I had all that the Queen and young Maiden, “Princess Younger” had ready, I took a short restbit. Lets just say that it was very short!! We finally finished our loading and had to secure the guard dogs in their temporary lodgings at the local houndatorium. This complete our trek began. First destination an eatery in a not too out of the way place called Hibernia, I believe it to be ruled by the Celts!? Traveling in such a large carriage, we were forced to leave it a bit of a ways from the drawbridge of this keep, this compared to past visits. Oh the nipping bite of Old Man Winter surely does not do a body good!! After grabbing some grub and warming the old bones, off we set again. This time to head to a quaint little mountain keep in Pa.

As the hour is late and the telling of this tale begining to obtain a lengthy and boring swing surely that every balladeer would choose to leave this tale untold, I shall keep thee in suspense to the morrow!!

SO the Royal Edict for this night shall beEvery tale that is told whether of warmth or of cold, by young or by old should know when to crease and the paper to fold!! In other words know when to close the book and say goodnight, for the morrow will too need a tale to be told!