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So What If….

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Did you ever get the feeling that in today’s world the respect parents once had is gone?
I remember when I was a kid that it was kind of written in stone that you respected your parents, or even if you really didn’t respect them at least you gave them common courtesies.  That has been lost some place over the years as I have gone from black hair to ever more controlling gray.  When you were growing up didn’t you just find it the norm to tell the people that you live with, aka your parents, if you were going out some place, weren’t going to be home for dinner, or even basically what your plans were for the weekend or even just for that day?
Well that I guess is no longer fashionable to do.  Now don’t get me wrong, my kids are good kids and thank God they aren’t into the truly bad things that kids these days can and a lot of the time are dragged into.  Some even say that I should be grateful that “small things” like this are all I am complaining about with them.  Well you know what I say to that – Hoowie!! 
What am I ranting about must be crossing your mind right about now.  Well, here goes…
Back ground:
Younger daughter, just turned 20, drives a new Trailblazer that I bought about a year ago, and am still making payments on.  She considers it “Her Car”, that is to everyone but us where she says that it isn’t what she would have picked if it was hers.  The agreement was she pays a set amount each month and she can drive it.  Ya know what, it is still I guess my car as she isn’t even paying anything towards the car, she is just paying the insurance right now.  That being such…
I found out today that my vehicle is going to be used as a moving truck to move her cousin back home.  Well it would have been nice to have been asked to use it for that purpose since no matter how careful you try to be something always happens to mess up the vehicle when used to move stuff. Needless to say that does not make me happy.
Next, I decided to make a nice meatloaf dinner with potatoes, fresh green beans, salad and corn on the cob for dinner tonight and the wife was planning a niece Roast Beef dinner with all of the sides for Sunday, a great idea since everyone is all over the place during the week a nice meal on the weekend is a yummy way to catch up with each other.  No dice, last night I found out the oldest isn’t planning to be home tonight, she decided to make it a game night/sleep over at her Aunt’s house, that is where her cousin is moving to, and possibly won’t be home tomorrow either.  That usually means that the young one will not be home tonight either.  So much for a nice dinner this weekend.  The rule we do have for stuff like this is they are supposed to write down on the calendar, at least a few days in advance, when they will not be home for dinner and if they aren’t going to be home at all.  A little common courtesy for the people you live with not to be freaking out that you aren’t home at night when you think that they are going to be!!

Am I wrong and over reacting?  Is it that we are being smothering?  Do we have a right to be a bit perturbed?

What is your call on this? 

The King would like to know!


Darkness Falls Upon Our Realm!!

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

The day was Sunday, August 26, 2007. All seemed to be in good spirits, as good as they can be with a few hundred miles of travelling left before we reach the castle we call home. Yes we were on our way back from the last of the remaining “junk” pickups from the old castle in NY. As we settled into our designated seats aboard our “Beast”, yes the big van, the happy tune of “Sweet Home Alabama” emanates forth from my cell phone.  Commenting to each other how ironic it is that we had spent a good portion of the previous day talking about him,grin , I answer jokingly “Its about time you decide to call us back, we only called you 2 days ago!” Strangely a different voice says “Hello” and asks if this is the Mrs.?” Taken aback, I query as to who was calling using “His” phone. “This is “His” son. Then the surreal takes over. The most unthinkable occurs. To this day I still can’t understand or believe it happened. An eerie darkness settled over our hearts, perhaps one that shan’t ever leave us. The fate-full words were spoken – I am sorry to have to make this type of call and tell you this over the phone, but “My Dad passed away last night.” In utter shock I stammer forth “What- No- Oh MY GOD! It can’t be so!! I AM SO SORRY! We will be there as soon as we can!” gulp
It still hasn’t sunk in all the way. I can not believe he will not be there to talk to anymore. He was my best friend, he was a big part of my life and the one who taught me a great deal. He made me believe in myself and realize that there wasn’t anything that I couldn’t do if I set my mind to it. He help me build confidence in myself and to feel good about me. He was always there when I needed someone to talk to, complain about life to and the first one to tell my good news to and hash out ideas with. He was the first to know that I had met the Lady that would one day be My Queen. He was/will always be my Best Man. I am proud to have known him, to have called him friend, Brother. He will always hold a special place in our hearts and thoughts.

His name – – John Gordon Rosenbauer. Born December 18, 1962 Left this world for a better place August 25, 2007. Please take a moment to view the following link

, In Rememberance of John G Rosenbauer and then say a prayer for him as he ventures forth now into God’s Kingdom.


Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

EEK! It is arriving too soon! I’m not ready yet! It can’t be only 5 days away!! Where did the time go?

All the hustle and bustle,
the presents to get and gifts to find.
Oh no now look I’m in a bind!
The checkbook is empty and the money all gone.
At this rate the creditors will be calling before long!!
Oh well who cares as long as the gifts are sitting under the tree!
Hey wait a minute now stop and lets think?
Isn’t there something thats missing, something I left out there somewhere on the brink?
Well yes! I see there it is in the back of my mind!!
How could I have left this totally behind!?
It is the true meaning of Christmas that almost escaped me!
For it is the birth of Our Lord and Savior to be!!
It is the kindness and love, the peace and the joy that was born to this world.
God’s greatest gift he gave to us all!!
It is this that we should be celebrating and remembering each day!
SO it is with this in mind that I sit and I pray
For the grace of God to be with you each day!
That your health and your happiness you find over flowing and good,
and that you never find your table wanting for food.
With this I add that you find in you heart the love and the kindness that you deserve
and perhaps you can pass on some of this you may have in reserve.
A Gift to a person or family that has none of their own.
With this We can hope that from then on they will find it enter always into their house!!

May the blessings of the holidays help to keep your sanity in place as you scurry about from place to place to finish all of your chores! smile


Tuesday, July 4th, 2006

What better way to revive one’s literations but to quill upon the Birthday of OUR Great NATION!

SO with naught the bangs, booms, screeches and flashes we dost celebrate the day of Independence of OUR country. The only bangs are those of the keys upon the board of typing as these tired old fingers click away. The only booms are those of the pots and pans as meals are created to feed the masses. The screeches are those naught of rockets streaking through the sky, but of the youngins as they run and play in the beautiful sunny summers day. And alas the only flashes seem to be “Hot Flashes” that this old body is having from the volumous amounts of medication being taken to keep it functioning. However, let us not dwell on the gloom, but rejoice for the freedoms that we are afforded by the loss and sufferings of our forefathers as they struggled and fought to make a land free for us ALL to live in happiness!
Keep in mind that this day is a special day for all Americans. One that should be spent giving thanks to the spirits of our ancestors.

Today’s Edict: Think not of thy self, but of thy fellow Americans, for if Our forefathers thought as such, we would be Hailing to the Queen and not asking God to Bless America as we sing the Star Spangled Banner! And if you can’t accept us and Our country as the way we were established and fought over to have our freedom, Then FIND a Rocket and we surely we’ll have it red glare as it carries you back to where you belong!!

Castle Conundrums II

Thursday, February 16th, 2006

At last the fiendish Insurance dragons have left our fair kingdom!!! After a myriad of look at this, measure that, cut this and click a pic of that off he flew to tally up the inflicted damages and decide if it is remuneration or debtors prison! Oh yeah they were abolished under a much earlier edict!!
All seemed to fair well, except for the one foot by one foot hole in my bedroom carpet clean down through the padding to the concrete below!! Time will Tell!!

So, as I sit and ponder the days haps and mishaps, I choose to dwell only on the good and happy things rather on those one wishes never to have transpired.

1) I was blessed to see a new sunny and warm day set forth from and by GOD
2) I had my evening repast with 2 of the 3 lovelies that my life is blessed with
3) I received a bounty full of unconditional loving from my 2 canine castle guards
4) I made a few people laugh, smile and/or feel a little happier or less heart heavy
5) I festooned my sleeping chamber window with the new curtains we purchased almost a month ago

There are many more that I could quill to this electronic papyrus, but for brevity’s sake and to keep from boredom’s onset I shall stop anon.

The Edict for today is: Count not the hardships and sorrows of thine own for they shall be the cornerstones of your impending despairity.