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ARGH!! Continued….

Monday, November 9th, 2009

So where was I? Oh yes.  Just when things start going well someone always has to throw a monkey wrench into the works.  In our case it was one of the “Princesses”, who decided that the speed limit around the airport was just for tourists and Ohioans!! Unfortunately the policeman that was lasering the area disagreed with her and gave her a ticket for 76-80 in a 70 zone, actually she was clocked at 81.  As is just our luck,  she had a previous ticket on our insurance that would be coming off in February of 2010.   Now in lieu of having our auto insurance decrease by the 20% her ticket cost us the first time, we are now faced with an additional 10% increase!! Oh aren’t we just the lucky ones!!!

Now to make matters even worse, I am having such fun with our auto finance company that we pay monthly for the van.  Lets just call the van the “Black Mariah”.  Since we have gotten her she has served us well, but there has always been some issue or other.  Case in point almost 11 times to get the DVD player to work properly, a leaky roof that only showed up under torrential downpours, and weather stripping that continuously rips.  Its no worries though, all were taken care of except the weatherstripping, as that still is ripped and warranty period is done.  However, the biggest pain in the rear is Ford Motor Credit Financing!  They consistently find it necessary to delay processing my payment anywhere from 24 to 72 hours after I make it.  This would normally be fine for anyone else, but for someone that has to play funds close to the vest, it isn’t a blessing but a curse!  It seems that this is continuously causing the payments to be returned by my bank as I am using those funds because they haven’t been taken from my account when they should be thus incurring excessive $35 Returned Item charges.  I think I am coming close to holding the record for the most charges to an account in 1 month let alone a year!!!  Now much to my dismay, we are forced to do money gram payments for the van every month incurring an extra $9.00 in fees to send the money!! All I can say is ARGH someone shoot me now!!

Castle Conundrums II

Thursday, February 16th, 2006

At last the fiendish Insurance dragons have left our fair kingdom!!! After a myriad of look at this, measure that, cut this and click a pic of that off he flew to tally up the inflicted damages and decide if it is remuneration or debtors prison! Oh yeah they were abolished under a much earlier edict!!
All seemed to fair well, except for the one foot by one foot hole in my bedroom carpet clean down through the padding to the concrete below!! Time will Tell!!

So, as I sit and ponder the days haps and mishaps, I choose to dwell only on the good and happy things rather on those one wishes never to have transpired.

1) I was blessed to see a new sunny and warm day set forth from and by GOD
2) I had my evening repast with 2 of the 3 lovelies that my life is blessed with
3) I received a bounty full of unconditional loving from my 2 canine castle guards
4) I made a few people laugh, smile and/or feel a little happier or less heart heavy
5) I festooned my sleeping chamber window with the new curtains we purchased almost a month ago

There are many more that I could quill to this electronic papyrus, but for brevity’s sake and to keep from boredom’s onset I shall stop anon.

The Edict for today is: Count not the hardships and sorrows of thine own for they shall be the cornerstones of your impending despairity.