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So What If….

Saturday, September 12th, 2009

Did you ever get the feeling that in today’s world the respect parents once had is gone?
I remember when I was a kid that it was kind of written in stone that you respected your parents, or even if you really didn’t respect them at least you gave them common courtesies.  That has been lost some place over the years as I have gone from black hair to ever more controlling gray.  When you were growing up didn’t you just find it the norm to tell the people that you live with, aka your parents, if you were going out some place, weren’t going to be home for dinner, or even basically what your plans were for the weekend or even just for that day?
Well that I guess is no longer fashionable to do.  Now don’t get me wrong, my kids are good kids and thank God they aren’t into the truly bad things that kids these days can and a lot of the time are dragged into.  Some even say that I should be grateful that “small things” like this are all I am complaining about with them.  Well you know what I say to that – Hoowie!! 
What am I ranting about must be crossing your mind right about now.  Well, here goes…
Back ground:
Younger daughter, just turned 20, drives a new Trailblazer that I bought about a year ago, and am still making payments on.  She considers it “Her Car”, that is to everyone but us where she says that it isn’t what she would have picked if it was hers.  The agreement was she pays a set amount each month and she can drive it.  Ya know what, it is still I guess my car as she isn’t even paying anything towards the car, she is just paying the insurance right now.  That being such…
I found out today that my vehicle is going to be used as a moving truck to move her cousin back home.  Well it would have been nice to have been asked to use it for that purpose since no matter how careful you try to be something always happens to mess up the vehicle when used to move stuff. Needless to say that does not make me happy.
Next, I decided to make a nice meatloaf dinner with potatoes, fresh green beans, salad and corn on the cob for dinner tonight and the wife was planning a niece Roast Beef dinner with all of the sides for Sunday, a great idea since everyone is all over the place during the week a nice meal on the weekend is a yummy way to catch up with each other.  No dice, last night I found out the oldest isn’t planning to be home tonight, she decided to make it a game night/sleep over at her Aunt’s house, that is where her cousin is moving to, and possibly won’t be home tomorrow either.  That usually means that the young one will not be home tonight either.  So much for a nice dinner this weekend.  The rule we do have for stuff like this is they are supposed to write down on the calendar, at least a few days in advance, when they will not be home for dinner and if they aren’t going to be home at all.  A little common courtesy for the people you live with not to be freaking out that you aren’t home at night when you think that they are going to be!!

Am I wrong and over reacting?  Is it that we are being smothering?  Do we have a right to be a bit perturbed?

What is your call on this? 

The King would like to know!


Where Has The Time Gone?

Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Holy cow! I didn’t realize how much I have neglected all of my royal subject! I humbly pray that thou dost forgiveth me! Well if thou does not “Off With Their Heads!! I doth only kiddeth minions so feareth not!

Tis mine own fault.

Just the other day I was conversing with an apothecary from a neighboring kingdom. We pondered at the notion that time passeth exponentially basedeth upon age.
Caseth in point- when thou is a youngster time passeth ever so slowly. It leaveth you ranting hurrieth up and come on alreadyeth! I can not waiteth til it be the season of Christmas! Then once Christmas hath passed one findeth theirself chomping at thyne bit for spring to arriveth, then for summer to be here. Each one upon itself taking what feeleth like forever to be here.

Alas, once thou hast reached the age of 25 and thou hast finished all of thyne studies and it is into the real world and earning funds to payeth the tax man, it seemeth like thy life doth fly by ever so fast! 1 day turneth into a week, turneth into a month turneth into two months turneth into six months and afore one knoweth a year hath passed on. I remember the day that my wife and I hath crossed paths. Twas on-line on a fine wintry night in December 1996. Twas February of 1997 when we met face to face when I had flowneth her to meet me in NY to share our 1st Valentine’s Day together. It seems like it twas yesterday and not 12 years and a wee bit short of 7 months from our first meeting. Having passed our 9th wedding anniversary the end of July seems almost impossible. I still see the young faces of our 23 and 20 year old daughters as the wee ones they were on our first meeting. It can’t be so long ago, but it is just ask my bones they will definitely affirm that the time has passed since then. DO I have any regrets? Unfortunately I must say that I do. What are they, well let me seeā€¦

Ah yes!

I regret that I had waiteth as long as I had to marry my wife. I regret that I have gotten ill. I regret leaving my wife and kids alone 4 days after I moved them to NY from Michigan with them knowing not really a sole and at odds with the in-laws. I also regret the accidents that we have had in 2005 and my injury in 2006. And my biggest regret is that I am not able to provide all that my wife deserves and desires to make her life as wonderful as she makes mine each and every day since our two lives have joined.

Royal Ponderous for today:

Take each day as it may come remembering to live it the best that you can. Make certain that you enjoy every moment that is given to you, but not forgetting that you touch the lives of those around you. So, remember to make every action that you do one that brings joy to those around you and love to those that love you. For if time doth seem to you to passeth ever so quickly, imagine how quick it really is passing! God Blessings to you All and Love to those you love and that love you! Remember every person is a friend that you haven’t yet met until you say hello! Hello!

A New Year Begins!

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

Hello to all my subjects and a Happy and Blessed New Years to You ALL!

It seems of late that time has gotten away from me and I haven’t taken the time to enjoy the things that I truly should.
The fact that I constantly am ailing doesn’t help matters, but I shan’t be using that as a crutch any longer.
While I lay in bed within the Royal bed chamber in the wee hours of the AM the other day I began to think about my life as it is
now compared to how it was a decade ago. In sum I realized that I was surely bestowed with many blessings in my life that I have taken for granted these past few years. Allowing my condition to rule my life and attitude towards my life was the wrong way to live. I guess that I was letting my depression get the better of every situation and thus creating a great deal of animosity with the ones that I love. I can only hope that it hasn’t hurt those relationships to a degree of non-repair.
I see each day how the youngest’s attitudes towards myself and the Queen has become at times almost unbearable. We know that the only reason she remains with us is the fact that she would no longer have her transportation method that she has become so reliant upon. As for the relationship with the elder, she is working at taking care of her obligations to a reasonable level and hopes to leave the kingdom as soon as financially possible. That will be a said day in Bedrock when she goes. I also notice that the Queen and I tend to be short with each other more that we used to be. I guess her depression is getting the better of herself as well.? Just another gift from our lovely accidents!

Well I guess my resolve has to kick in and start to take my life back from all of this. I long for the happier days, the days when we would get up and look forward to doing things together. I know deep in my heart that we can get back there if we just put our minds to it! Even if we just start with one little thing at a time. I have started to make myself wake up earlier each morning, but that seems to be falling through as by around 10 am I am very tired and go back upstairs and lay down, and then when I next awaken it is after 1 pm. Whoa Sleeping Beauty has nothing on me but Looks! Oy and this lousy weather and now the snow we are getting is definitely not helping much! I don’t even have the energy or strength to go outside and clear off the driveway and walkways! Alas who but I or the Queen would do it!? Wait yes there is a far off memory of a time when the two young ones would argue over who would be able to use the snow blower to do the clearing! AH those carefree days of yesteryear!

Enough of that depressive crud!! We here at our castle do have some pleasure and entertaining good times! Yes we have a kitten that gives us unending moments of love and laughter. Perhaps we should take a lesson from her and find enjoyment in our lives in the simple things, like hanging out on our cat condo or even amusing ones self with a straw! AH! To be as carefree as a kitten! One can only wish!

So my thoughts for this day are simple: When all of the burdens life throws at you are more than you can handle leaving you so you don’t know what to do…
Follow the advice of my kitten just leave it all behind you and off to your kitty condo you should go!!

Homage to John Gordon Rosenbauer - 1962 to 2007

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

Into my life he did come.
He added some mystery and some fun.
Course and gruff did he appear on the outside,
but gentle and kind hearted was he truly inside.

Hard working, talented and loved by all.
Always there to help you, just give him a call.
Easy to talk to always ready to listen no matter what it might be
Truly no greater friend was there to me.

My world is now saddened and full of sorrow you see
For my friend has now left us, gone to a better place has he.
God has called him to come to His side.
Up to His Kingdom in Heaven the Lords Angels were his guide.

Fear not for he has not left us all alone in our sorrow,
for he is always with us in each and every tomorrow.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush
he is the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
he is the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not be selfish and mourn for you loss,
But be gladdened and happy for to a better place did he cross.
In God’s loving arms is he now embraced,
His troubles and woes will no longer need to be faced.

Speaking of us all to God is what he will do.
To ask Our Lord to Shine down upon us and fill us with his Grace.

May you Rest in Peace.

Hi Dad I Love You, Now Give Me Some Money!

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

Ah Kids Ya Gotta Love ‘Em!!

Yep the joy of your life, the major cause of Gray Hair and a great source of love and affection! Or so they tell you!!! Don’t get me wrong I love my girls immensely and would do or give them anything in my power. However, no one said that they come with strings attached!! wink They may be hugging you and showing affection, but in reality they are just buttering you up to fleece you out of your last hard earned pennies!! OK I may sound bitter here, and I probably have two of the greatest kids in the world, they aren’t into drugs, don’t smoke and aren’t slutty or anything like that, they just need to learn the value of a dollar and that the fountain of parent’s can run dry!! OK in my day you take the SAT once and be happy with anything over 1000. Today if you don’t think that your score is high enough you just take it again. Take college courses take the AP and have to pay for the scores on the APs to count in college, but your college may not take the grades. Then if you want the course to count as a college credits you have to register in the local college and pay the credit costs. Argh!! Money after money after money!!! So you fork over the bucks and think that is that. Nope now they have their license and want a car. “Don’t worry Dad I’ll pay you back and I’ll pay for the increase in insurance”. grin So you get suckered in and there goes more bucks to the “kiddie”. Then one thing leads to another and she is off at school and her friends, who have two working parents, don’t have to work or pay for anything so they think that they shouldn’t have to either. Then the payments stop arriving, questions lead to frustration and oh I only work 14 hours every two weeks so I can’t pay you anything. But you find out off they go o a vacation in Canada – hotel, food, gas and fun all requiring money that she says, “I don’t have any” of. SO you do with out again and again. Then she enrolls to go off to study in England, again needing lots of $$$$ to survive there. Hmm who is getting the short end of the stick? Well who knows. I guess they say they are only young once and it is their college years, they’ll have to work hard when they graduate. Yea right. They’ll move back home and there goes the neighborhood and bucks right out the window!!

All I can say is Ya Gotta Love Em!!! Yup, I wouldn’t trade them for anything!!! smile

Yet Another Convert!!

Saturday, October 28th, 2006


Yup that is correct! Recently Our doctor decided to attend a medical conference in the LOVELY, and SOON TO BE OUR NEW HOME, State of Michigan. She went with dual purpose, to attend the conference and also for her son to go on a college tour of U of M. Well as her son and husband went off to Ann Arbor to check out U of M, she attended her conference. Being alone and a woman in a state that she had never been to, she was worried as to how it would be. Ha I say, this is Michigan NOT New York!! What she would soon find out was that MI is a place of spirituality, courtesy and out right nicety!

People were polite to her, friendly and actually neighborly. Before she knew what was happening people were talking to her and making her feel right at home, as if she had lived there her whole life. Once she was comfortable with the people she began to relax a bit and could soak in some of the beauty that Michigan has to offer. Yes, being a doctor and all her visit was primarily limited to richy areas, Auburn Hills, Bloomfield Hills,Grosse Ile, Rochester..etc.

Ah yes!! Get them out of their natural habitat and into the beauty and personality of Michigan and yup they are hooked!! wink

Without Pain What Would There Be?

Friday, October 20th, 2006

Did you ever think that at one point in your life that your days would be rated on a “Pain Scale”?

Tonight I sat on my couch while the Queen had headed off to the Royal Chambers, she hasn’t been feeling up to par lately.

Thinking about how things were when we first had been wed, the energy and verve of life, the constant willingness to want to do things and the energy to do them. Who would have thought that in the 6 years that we have been married my life would have changed so much. Please don’t misconstrue what I am saying, I love the Queen and the fair Princesses that I now have as my family, and would never change the fact that we were wed, nor do I have any doubts or second thoughts. What I am saying is that in the 6 short years my life has changed drastically. I have watched my Queen and myself become physically and mentally chopped down to our proverbial quick.

To sum it up here are some of the major contributors.

  • 4 days after moving family from MI to NY King forced to return to Houston Texas as the AC pipe leaks through the kitchen ceiling
  • Queen given ultimatum from job, return to MI or let go, (telecommuting jealousy issue), there goes major second income!
  • King gets sick, asthma kicks his royal but!!
  • 9/11 strikes and job market tanks in NY and nation’s unemployment rates hit highs
  • Oops here comes LTD (long term disability) and Salary cut
  • Queen’s main job is chauffeur to King trips to physicians reach high levels and hospitalizations occur. Queen’s employers don’t understand and let her go, King hits all time low as he knows it is his fault.
  • Queen’s depression increases as jobs are non existent for required availability.
  • Queen starts Corporation and opens On-line Store, Yippee!! , if only it were as successful as we hoped!! ( check it out A Trove of Treasures)
  • Queen and King in Car Accident
  • Castle Floods from 8 days of torrential rains!!
  • King trips in Bank
  • Queen has cyst on knee
  • Queen and King van gets backed into at gas station
  • Bank says not at fault King didn’t lift feet high enough entering bank!
  • Physical therapy not working, King recommended for possible shoulder surgery

    Well now the Queen has a stomach ailment that will not quit! SO what now? We constantly try to find the silver lining, but I guess my glasses are near sighted worse than I am!!
    I guess you don’t get given more than you can handle, or so they say. I do count my blessings, the Princesses, the Queen the Royal Canines, The Royal Fishy – Beau, and the fact that we get up every morning and have friends and loved ones that do care about us. Hmm I guess things could be worse!!

  • Hear Ye Hear Ye - YET ANOTHER ATTEMPT On The KING!!

    Thursday, May 18th, 2006

    Alas as is true to form His Royal Majesty the King has once again fallen prey to an attempt on his existence!!
    After weeks of recovery and beginning to feel as if finally tides were at last heading in the right direction, an attempt was once again made on Our Benevolent Despot! The King hath ventured forth unto the distant realm of Sir Mickey of Dee’s, aka the dwelling of Lord Ronald of McDonald, to partake in a most bountiful feast for the A of M repast. Upon delivery of the youngest of the Princesses to the Abbey of Education, as she be burdenedeth with the trunks of travel for her journey to the Falls of Niagara this weeks end, myself, the King, my Queen and the eldest of the Princesses hath decided that we would graciously accept the invitation to morning repast at Lord McDonald’s abode. As I hath felt that I no longer was suffering from the last attempt on my gizzards, I did as every Ruler hath done at one era or another in his life, Indulgeth in too much edible delicacies. Unbeknownst to his highness the repast hath been laced with too much of the apothecaries mix of gorge, aka fat content. As the clock did pass 20 of the minutes after he doth consume the tainted edibles, Our despot did receive the infliction of massive pain unto the Gall of Bladder!! Alas once again His Highness doth suffer the ails and ills of his attacker and thus be forced to retire to his chambers anon.
    Thus leadeth us unto the Royal Edict for this evening: No matter how one doth feel after suffering the ills of injury, sickness or attempted harm, think with thine head lest ye be once again suffering the same ails!!

    Hear Ye Hear Ye The King Still Lives!!

    Thursday, May 11th, 2006

    Despite all attempts Our Monarch Lives!!
    Much apologies for the lack of edicts of late, but an attempt on Our Beloved Ruler’s life was made recently!

    Whilst entering into the treasury room of the castle, I entangled my foot with a floor runner which lifted it up and proceeded to ensnare the other foot. (Blast the feeble minded keep cleaners for leaving the ensnarement. They must have been in cahoots with the assassins!)

    Once entangled, I was left with no way to maintain my regal upright stature and therefore began a forward/downward kerplunk, although, I did maintain my poise and dignity in the process, yeah right!! As I crashed down, I slammed one knee into the window wall and then onto the tile floor, slammed the other knee into the wall and twisted both ankles and left toes rather heinously. At the same time I slammed down on my arm and inflicted a blackness to my eye. I must say, I gave that wall a dent, and the rug a rather harsh and stern scolding, unfortunately it retained it’s rather flipped attitude!

    So after numerous X-rays, MRI’s, ace bandages and cold packs, I still am suffering the indignities of wearing slippers upon the royal tootsies, normal boots do not fit over the swelling.
    Soon the physical therapies will commence on the royal appendages and recovery begins!

    So TONIGHT’S EDICT is “C Sharp thine surroundings Lest ye B flat”!!