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Just By tthe Hair of My Chinny Chin Chin!

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

I must say that there isn’t a day that goes by lately that I am not surprised in some way or another.  As my last post said, our A@s was in the fire and we were on the cusp of losing our van to the dreaded “Repo Man”! (Sounds almost like a superhero doesn’t it?)  I actually thought that this time was it and there was no way to pull our butts out of this one!  This turned out not to be the case! Just as I was about to hoist the white flag of surrender and resign myself to having lost the battle of debts, a totally unexpected proposal from a totally surprising individual was presented to me!!

We were on our way out to have a consoling Whopper at BK for dinner, it was $1.79 Whopper day in our neck of the woods, when our eldest daughter said something in the back of the van that I didn’t really catch. I just figured she was gabbing about work and things with her mom, and I was still pondering and delving deep into the corners of my noodle for a solution, those who know me well will tell you that I do not like to give up or lose the battle to the debt mongers!  Little did I know that I should have been paying attention to the other conversation going on in the van!  What I had missed and found out later in BK was that my sweet dear eldest daughter had offered up the majority of her savings to keep us from losing the van!  Can you say “Knock me over with a feather why don’t you”!

I totally did not expect that to happen.   I didn’t even know that she had saved up that much money in her MM account, let alone be willing to bail us out.  I must say that she has definitely grownup/matured a great deal this past year.  I guess having a job and having to pay your own bills has taught her a good life lesson.

All I can say is I that God sure does work in mysterious ways, and I am one of the luckiest men I know to have such a wonderful daughter.  I must admit that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree where my daughter and wife are concerned!!

Thought for the day:

Never underestimate the power of family or love.  They both show there true colors and depth when you least expect it!

Did you tell your family how much you love them today?!?


Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

EEK! It is arriving too soon! I’m not ready yet! It can’t be only 5 days away!! Where did the time go?

All the hustle and bustle,
the presents to get and gifts to find.
Oh no now look I’m in a bind!
The checkbook is empty and the money all gone.
At this rate the creditors will be calling before long!!
Oh well who cares as long as the gifts are sitting under the tree!
Hey wait a minute now stop and lets think?
Isn’t there something thats missing, something I left out there somewhere on the brink?
Well yes! I see there it is in the back of my mind!!
How could I have left this totally behind!?
It is the true meaning of Christmas that almost escaped me!
For it is the birth of Our Lord and Savior to be!!
It is the kindness and love, the peace and the joy that was born to this world.
God’s greatest gift he gave to us all!!
It is this that we should be celebrating and remembering each day!
SO it is with this in mind that I sit and I pray
For the grace of God to be with you each day!
That your health and your happiness you find over flowing and good,
and that you never find your table wanting for food.
With this I add that you find in you heart the love and the kindness that you deserve
and perhaps you can pass on some of this you may have in reserve.
A Gift to a person or family that has none of their own.
With this We can hope that from then on they will find it enter always into their house!!

May the blessings of the holidays help to keep your sanity in place as you scurry about from place to place to finish all of your chores! smile

Hi Dad I Love You, Now Give Me Some Money!

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

Ah Kids Ya Gotta Love ‘Em!!

Yep the joy of your life, the major cause of Gray Hair and a great source of love and affection! Or so they tell you!!! Don’t get me wrong I love my girls immensely and would do or give them anything in my power. However, no one said that they come with strings attached!! wink They may be hugging you and showing affection, but in reality they are just buttering you up to fleece you out of your last hard earned pennies!! OK I may sound bitter here, and I probably have two of the greatest kids in the world, they aren’t into drugs, don’t smoke and aren’t slutty or anything like that, they just need to learn the value of a dollar and that the fountain of parent’s can run dry!! OK in my day you take the SAT once and be happy with anything over 1000. Today if you don’t think that your score is high enough you just take it again. Take college courses take the AP and have to pay for the scores on the APs to count in college, but your college may not take the grades. Then if you want the course to count as a college credits you have to register in the local college and pay the credit costs. Argh!! Money after money after money!!! So you fork over the bucks and think that is that. Nope now they have their license and want a car. “Don’t worry Dad I’ll pay you back and I’ll pay for the increase in insurance”. grin So you get suckered in and there goes more bucks to the “kiddie”. Then one thing leads to another and she is off at school and her friends, who have two working parents, don’t have to work or pay for anything so they think that they shouldn’t have to either. Then the payments stop arriving, questions lead to frustration and oh I only work 14 hours every two weeks so I can’t pay you anything. But you find out off they go o a vacation in Canada – hotel, food, gas and fun all requiring money that she says, “I don’t have any” of. SO you do with out again and again. Then she enrolls to go off to study in England, again needing lots of $$$$ to survive there. Hmm who is getting the short end of the stick? Well who knows. I guess they say they are only young once and it is their college years, they’ll have to work hard when they graduate. Yea right. They’ll move back home and there goes the neighborhood and bucks right out the window!!

All I can say is Ya Gotta Love Em!!! Yup, I wouldn’t trade them for anything!!! smile

Without Pain What Would There Be?

Friday, October 20th, 2006

Did you ever think that at one point in your life that your days would be rated on a “Pain Scale”?

Tonight I sat on my couch while the Queen had headed off to the Royal Chambers, she hasn’t been feeling up to par lately.

Thinking about how things were when we first had been wed, the energy and verve of life, the constant willingness to want to do things and the energy to do them. Who would have thought that in the 6 years that we have been married my life would have changed so much. Please don’t misconstrue what I am saying, I love the Queen and the fair Princesses that I now have as my family, and would never change the fact that we were wed, nor do I have any doubts or second thoughts. What I am saying is that in the 6 short years my life has changed drastically. I have watched my Queen and myself become physically and mentally chopped down to our proverbial quick.

To sum it up here are some of the major contributors.

  • 4 days after moving family from MI to NY King forced to return to Houston Texas as the AC pipe leaks through the kitchen ceiling
  • Queen given ultimatum from job, return to MI or let go, (telecommuting jealousy issue), there goes major second income!
  • King gets sick, asthma kicks his royal but!!
  • 9/11 strikes and job market tanks in NY and nation’s unemployment rates hit highs
  • Oops here comes LTD (long term disability) and Salary cut
  • Queen’s main job is chauffeur to King trips to physicians reach high levels and hospitalizations occur. Queen’s employers don’t understand and let her go, King hits all time low as he knows it is his fault.
  • Queen’s depression increases as jobs are non existent for required availability.
  • Queen starts Corporation and opens On-line Store, Yippee!! , if only it were as successful as we hoped!! ( check it out A Trove of Treasures)
  • Queen and King in Car Accident
  • Castle Floods from 8 days of torrential rains!!
  • King trips in Bank
  • Queen has cyst on knee
  • Queen and King van gets backed into at gas station
  • Bank says not at fault King didn’t lift feet high enough entering bank!
  • Physical therapy not working, King recommended for possible shoulder surgery

    Well now the Queen has a stomach ailment that will not quit! SO what now? We constantly try to find the silver lining, but I guess my glasses are near sighted worse than I am!!
    I guess you don’t get given more than you can handle, or so they say. I do count my blessings, the Princesses, the Queen the Royal Canines, The Royal Fishy – Beau, and the fact that we get up every morning and have friends and loved ones that do care about us. Hmm I guess things could be worse!!

  • Free this Free That ….

    Saturday, October 14th, 2006

    Don’t you just love all those emails and ads that you some how wind up receiving, offering you everything you need to “Own the Moon” all for the low price of “$0.00”!!  UNTIL you get to the fine print…  this course, package, marketing material or even Own Your Very Own Website and sell today’s Hot Products Free all you have to do is sign up and give us your email address and we’ll ship everything you need to you; you just have to pay the low shipping cost of $49.95 and ALL this can be your’s!!! Then you see that * and read down past all the testimonials and success stories to the bottom of the 20 or 30th page where you finally see it and it says its your’s free only for 30 days then you will be billed $195 a month thereafter unless you cancel.  Of course you have already submitted your application and are now looking for how to cancel and the site goes down and you are heading to the kitchen for that bottle of Tequila you were saving for a relaxing weekend of Margaritas and pinochle,  “Honey where are the shot glasses”,  oops I digress!!  So, one can only hope that the order didn’t go through, that you remember before 30 days are up to cancel, or that somehow, somewhere, sometime these companies get a taste of their own marketing!!!

    Yeah To Thee Queen Mother!

    Saturday, May 13th, 2006

    Thine Day Hath Come!

    Tis the day that thou shalt hold thy Mothers in grand esteem.
    In this keep my Queen shall be revered by all who dwell in and around the realm!
    So it is decreed under punishment of banishing!! ( Or the stocks with jesters launching whipping cream pies at the perpetrator’s faces, much more the merrier!)

    The festivities of the day shall be as follows:

    • Resting
    • Lounging
    • Being Served and waited upon, (a normality whence there are young ones about! HEH HEH HEH)
    • Feasting
    • More Lounging
    • More Resting

    That should keep the spirits of the fair Queen at highest levels!

    The Feast shall be as follows:

    • Squab with sauce de BBQ (aka BBQ Grilled Chicken)
    • Pomme De Terre salade mashez (aka Mashed Potato Salad)
    • Les Aspargas Grillez avec le sauce du lime y bur ( aka Grilled asparagus in lime and butter)
    • Salad des cucumbur (aka Italian cucumber salad in oil and vinegar)
    • Pour Dessert Les cakes du verz (aka cupcakes)

    A hearty feast fit for a Queen!!

    So Today’s Royal Edict: Treat Thine Mothers with the utmost joy, relish her to heights yet unknown for one day when you are one of the aged and gray, you will heap regrets upon thy self for the times you did not let her know that if it were not for her love, caring, guidance and support you would not have made it to where you are now. After All SHE is and always will be your Biggest Fan!!